1,000 young Africans will have access to a technology skills training bursary through the Binance Charity Partnership with Utiva

Binance charitythe philanthropic arm of Binance, the global leader in cryptocurrency and blockchain infrastructure has a partnership with Utiva, a technology education company in Africa that helps young people acquire technical skills. The new partnership aims to train 50,000 young people in technology and provide scholarships for 1,000 Africans in a year-long intensive skills training program.

This educational program is aimed at young Africans aged between 18 and 35 from 19 countries and offers them a platform to learn technological skills within 12 months. This project is designed to consist of virtual workshops taking place every weekend for the next 12 months where students will learn technical skills and have access to virtual mentoring.

As part of the project, 1000 young people will also receive the Binance Charity Scholarship to study at Utiva and be trained in one of the best technological skills.

The collaboration aims to pave a path to economic prosperity for the continent through skills development and access to extensive job opportunities in technology and Web3.

“We believe that the benefits and tremendous opportunities of Web3 must be accessible to all. Advanced technical education and professional training are crucial to achieve this. We are proud to partner with Utiva to engage youth across Africa while supporting the continent’s next generation of industry shapers.” said Helen Hai, Head of Binance Charity.

The workshop, which kicked off Thursday, October 20, 2022, at the Utiva office in Lagos, Nigeria, hosted approximately 50 young people who will be part of the first cohort of people to access the fully funded training and advancement be obtained.

Africans are talented and hardworking, but more often than not, the scarcity of resources can be a major limiting factor when pursuing a laudable goal like transitioning into technology. We are so pleased that Binance Charity understands the African pain point and has partnered with us at Utiva to help thousands of Africans and break the barrier to entry for many.” said Eyitayo Ogunmola, CEO of Utiva.

At the introductory workshop, the students took part in a 4-hour training course on blockchain technology and software development. This is the start of a 12 month commitment to the educational program.

This initiative is part of the broader Binance Scholar Program, which launched earlier this year and now has active projects in Ukraine, South Africa, France, and Brazil. The initiative enables the next generation of digital leaders to develop their skills, knowledge and experience without financial barriers.

About Binance Charity

Binance Charity is a non-profit organization dedicated to unlocking Web3 as a powerful tool for social change. Its mission is to enable blockchain as an engine of social change, enhancing financial inclusion through direct giving of crypto and making education and training accessible to all. Binance Charity uses its 100% transparent donation platform to build a future where technology is used as a force for good. To date, Binance Charity has supported over 2 million final beneficiaries through various projects. Visit https://www.binance.charity/ for more information.

About Utiva

Utiva is a technology development company that helps people learn world-class technology skills and partners with companies to hire the best talent and invest in human development. With over 40,000 alumni from 30+ cities, 200 faculties, and 500+ hiring partners, Utiva helps global organizations hire the best tech talent in diverse fields such as data science, blockchain technology, product management, and software development, among others by leveraging our network tech ecosystems. For more information, visit https://utiva.io/

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