12+ Profitable Auto Business Ideas To Start With

Have you ever driven a car and had an “Aha!”? That moment when you suddenly had a great car-related business idea? If yes, you are not alone. There are numerous car companies that are quite profitable, and here are over a dozen ideas to get your wheels turning.

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With over 284 billion vehicles on the road in the US alone, there will always be room for companies that specialize in these modes of transportation. Below we’ve collected over a dozen auto industry business ideas for you to consider.

Auto insurance agency

Open your car insurance agency and help people find the car models with the cheapest insurance for their specific coverage needs. This is an excellent business opportunity for those with a background in the automotive industry or insurance.

Mobile car wash

Start a mobile car wash business where you visit people’s homes or work to wash and care for their vehicles. This is an excellent option for those who want to start a car business with low start-up costs.

luxury car rental

Embrace special occasions by opening a luxury car rental business. You can even work with local limousine companies to offer discounts on combined services. This is wonderful when you’re merging marketing efforts to appeal to newlyweds, college students looking for transportation to prom, and other special occasions.

GPS installation and maintenance

GPS systems are becoming increasingly popular in passenger and commercial vehicles. Hence, there is a growing demand for GPS installation and maintenance services. While most people have a GPS program on their cell phones, it is becoming standard practice to install a tracking system on company vehicles to protect drivers and the products being delivered.

Car valet or pay-to-park parking

Offer valet parking for busy people who don’t have time to park their cars. This can be extremely successful in busy urban areas where parking is very expensive. Another version of this idea that might gain traction is if you have an empty lot near a popular neighborhood, you could open a paid guarded parking lot or gated garage.

Cheap towing

Become the first choice for cheap towing services in your area. This is an excellent deal for those who already have a tow truck or can purchase one at a low cost. Make sure you have the appropriate license and training, and don’t forget to get the right insurance coverage for the company.

auto repair shop

Open an auto repair shop that specializes in a specific type of repair, such as: B. Transmission repairs or engine tuning. This can help you stand out from the competition and attract customers looking for your specialized services. Another way to use specialization is to offer services for specific brands that are more difficult or expensive to work in a typical store.

used car sales

Buy used cars from auctions or from private individuals, then sell them at marked prices from your lot or an online store. This is an excellent option for those who know a little about cars and are good at haggling over prices.

Mobile mechanic handyman services

Offer handyman-like services for car owners, e.g. B. oil change, tire change, fluid check, etc. This is an excellent business for handy people who do not want to open their auto repair shop. This could be considered a kind of “mobile mechanic”.

Mobile detail service

Offer a mobile detailing service where you go to people’s homes or places of work to clean and polish their vehicles inside and out. This is ideal for those looking to start a car business with low overheads.

Windshield repair service

Specializing in the quick and inexpensive repair of cracked or chipped windshields. If you can manage the logistics of a mobile service truck, you’ll have to make frequent calls to roadsides, parking lots, and all sorts of unfortunate places to fix people’s windows.

Towing service for junk cars

Remove junk cars from people’s properties and either dispose of them properly or sell them for scrap metal.

Event shuttle service

Offer shuttle services for special events such as weddings, meetings and more. While showing up to an event in a limousine is pretty awesome, showing up in a fancy vintage car could turn heads and create memories that will last.

Restoration of vintage cars

Start a classic car restoration business if you are passionate about classic cars. This could work well with luxury car rentals or transportation services.

automotive photography

Start a car photography business where you photograph cars for ads, websites and other marketing materials. This is a perfect career for those with an eye for design and an interest in cars.

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Whether you are interested in starting a business that requires minimal start-up costs or one that has the potential to generate significant profits, there is an automotive business idea for you on this list! So what are you waiting for? Get your wheels running today!


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