4 tips to make your next business trip as productive as possible

Now that many business owners and managers are on the move again, conducting business away from the confines of their homes and offices, staying productive while traveling should be a top priority.

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There is nothing worse than spending money on a trip and not being set up for success and efficiency from the start. You return home after the big trip and feel like you missed opportunities.

This doesn’t have to happen to you. With a little preparation and some kind reminders, you can prepare to achieve great things on your next business trip.

1. Be clear about your goals.

It sounds like a simple question, but stop and really think about it: Why am I making this journey? What do I have to achieve?

Maybe you’re on your way to landing a new client. Maybe you’re jetting off to network or putting the finishing touches on a new partnership. Whatever the reason for your trip, make sure your goals are clear (maybe even write them down) so they stick in your mind. It’s fun to get distracted as you take in the sights and entertainment, but not at the expense of forgetting why you’re on the trip in the first place.

2. Prepare yourself.

Before you hop on a plane or get behind the wheel of a car, make sure you are prepared for this journey. Did you pack the right type(s) of clothing? Do you have your laptop, cell phone, chargers and other gadgets you need to stay productive?

More than just packing, make sure you have all the information you need to reach your goals. Do you know the names of the people you meet? Do you have all the contact information you need to get around? If you’re giving a presentation or other pitch… are you ready? Do you have enough time to do everything you need to do?

3. Don’t forget your business travel credit card.

Not only do you need access to money while you travel, the money you spend should work for you in ways that go beyond simple monetary transactions. This is where the World of Hyatt Business Credit Card comes into play.

The Chase and Hyatt card features an “adaptive rewards accelerator” that allows business cardholders to earn two World of Hyatt bonus points for every $1 spent in the categories where they spend the most each quarter, including dining; Airline tickets purchased directly from the airline; car rentals; mass transit and commuting; petrol stations; Internet and cable and telephone services; Shipment; and advertising on social media and search engines. Start earning points and you can earn free nights, elite status, room and suite upgrades and other coveted rewards.

The World of Hyatt Business Credit Card is a must-have for all travel-related activities.

4. Use downtime wisely.

When you think of a business trip, you might picture being rushed from place to place with no downtime. To a certain extent that may be true. But you can find downtime regardless of your schedule. You can use the time on your flight to find out the details of a new project or to write an offer. You can do the same if you arrive by train or have rented a car.

Do you have time to relax by the hotel pool? Big. Bring your laptop and cross things off your to-do list. Instead of watching a three-hour movie in your room, spend some time going through your agenda for the next day and making sure you’re ready.

Click gethyattcard.com to learn more about the World of Hyatt Business Credit Card and how it can help make every business trip a success.

Cards are issued by JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA member FDIC


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