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BOSTON (WHDH) — “I think we can dismiss the symptom management that you’re already doing and plan to continue,” a medic at Mass General Hospital told Linda via a virtual appointment.

Recovering from a bad bout of COVID, Linda was able to get the news on her couch at home rather than in a hospital bed, thanks to technology that could one day change everyone’s medical treatment.

Linda’s symptoms, including a high fever, were so severe that the MGH worker could have been hospitalized. Instead, she is being medically monitored at home using equipment provided by the hospital’s Healthcare Transformation Lab.

“I felt like I was always being watched and that was good,” Linda told 7NEWS.

The lab’s mission: Find ways to use technology to revolutionize healthcare, and then work with physicians and patients to put them into practice.

“We wanted to give physicians the opportunity to be medical innovators – they could actually care about patients and come up with new ideas to care for patients more efficiently, effectively and comfortably,” said Dr. Eric Isselbacher, Director of the Healthcare Transformation Laboratory.

The Ansin family, owners of Channel 7, supports Dr. Isselbacher on this goal. They have donated $2 million and created an endowed chair at MGH to fund the doctor’s work.

The donation honors her late father, Ed Ansin, and continues his commitment to caring for our community.

“(It’s) literally close to my father’s heart,” said Andy Ansin, CEO of Sunbeam Television Corporation. “Yes, the connection to Dr. Isselbacher – he was his cardiovascular doctor and then he was really very fascinated with everything the transformation lab was doing.”

“He was very innovative in television, he was very innovative in real estate, and he was always looking for the next cutting-edge technology to support,” said James Ansin, co-president of Sunbeam Television Corporation.

dr Isselbacher and his colleagues envision a future where more and more patients can receive life-saving care outside of the hospital setting. They are already testing wearable devices that use X-rays to collect patient information.

“You can see her actual heart activity, the electrical activity of her heart,” said Dr. Jared Conley, Associate Director of the MGH Healthcare Transformation Lab.

dr Isselbacher said the Ansin Foundation allows his team to spend more time imagining the future of healthcare.

“Funding for this type of work does not come from revenue from patient care and does not come from department overheads,” said Dr. Isselbacher. β€œIt is very difficult to allocate resources to innovation. So what this chair does is free up time to do that work now and in the future. It is a very generous gift and it will free up a lot of time to devote to innovation.”

Innovation – a common goal of MGH and 7NEWS.

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