A Packers streak will end Sunday night in Buffalo, but which one?

The stats surrounding these two streaks are pretty much as expected.

In the Packers’ 13 consecutive primetime wins, they have gone over 30 nine times. In their six straight losses in Buffalo, they’ve only scored 20 points once.

In prime time, the Packers’ revenue differential is plus 16, and in 10 of the 13 games they committed no revenue. In the Buffalo Streak, Green Bay’s revenue margin is minus 12, breaks even once (’94) and loses the category all other times, including minus 4 twice (’79, ’06).

As for Hall of Fame quarterbacks (current and future), Brett Favre played in three of the Buffalo games and Jim Kelly played in two — once against each other in 1994. Rodgers has played in one (’14), as a potential 94 yard TD pass dropped by Jordy Nelson. Buffalo’s Josh Allen could be in the HOF talk one day, and this is his first matchup with the Packers at home.

The Packers’ primetime streak was nearly cut short several times. Mason Crosby’s walk-off field goal in San Francisco last year and Rasul Douglas’ dying-second interception in Arizona a month later were the most dramatic.

Buffalo’s closest calls were probably the first in 1979, when the Packers led 12-6 at halftime but were shut out 13-0 in the second half, and again in 2006. This time Green Bay was tied back 17-10 and was looking for the equalizing TD on the 1-yard line with less than five minutes to go when Favre’s quick pass for Driver was tipped, intercepted and put back 76 yards to set up the score.

There’s also no telling what would have happened if Nelson hadn’t had the worst career setback mentioned above eight years ago. The Packers were trailing 16-10 in the third quarter.

Whatever the case, the atmosphere on Sunday night should be special. Four-time MVP Rodgers is coming to town for the first time since his second MVP year, and the home fans are cheering for Allen, who is right in the middle of the conversation for his first MVP of the season.

“They’re crazy, they’re loud,” Packers receiver Sammy Watkins said of the Buffalo fans, and he would know since that’s where he started his NFL career. “It’s a college vibe. I just said to the guys, ‘It’s going to be fun. It’s going to rock. It’s going to bring back those memories of when you were in college.’

“The game will be fun. But we need to go out and get the boys early so we can silence the crowd.”

Easier said than done. But nothing is impossible except for the Packers’ primetime and Buffalo streaks, both of which continue after this one.

“We’ve been pretty good in primetime for the last 13 games, so we’re expecting the same performance this week,” Rodgers said. “Hopefully it’s a setback for us. Hopefully we can go there and take on the underdog role and walk away with a win.”


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