A proclamation for National Entrepreneurship Month 2022

During National Entrepreneurship Month, we celebrate the doers, dreamers, and job creators whose vision and determination power our economy and capture the essence of America.

Starting and owning a business has always been an important path to the American Dream—a way to build wealth, serve your neighbors, and make a difference in a community and on the world. Entrepreneurs who required risk-taking and daring faced additional challenges during the pandemic and the resulting economic crisis. Two years ago, hundreds of thousands of small businesses closed while others struggled to find workers and stock their shelves. But while we’ve recovered, Americans have responded with entrepreneurial spirit, embracing the opportunity to build new businesses and launch new careers.

Our administration works across the board to help them all succeed. Today, American entrepreneurship is booming. A record 5.4 million new businesses were founded in 2021, over 20 percent more than any other year on record. Rates of new entrepreneurship have increased most among minorities, particularly in Hispanic and black communities.

The American Rescue Plan distributed $450 billion in emergency relief to more than 6 million businesses at the height of the pandemic. The Restaurant Revitalization Fund kept restaurants open. Our expanded State Small Business Credit Initiative is helping entrepreneurs unlock $10 billion in investment and credit, and we are making the Minority Business Development Agency permanent to improve minority entrepreneurs’ access to capital and markets.

Meanwhile, our bipartisan Infrastructure Act is rebuilding America’s roads, bridges, railroads and ports so businesses can get goods to consumers quickly and cheaply. It brings high-speed broadband to small towns and rural areas so Americans can do business online anywhere. Our CHIPS and Science Act is making historic investments in semiconductor companies that make the tiny computer chips that power everything from smartphones to cars – benefiting thousands of smaller companies along the supply chain. Our Inflation Reduction Act lowers health insurance and energy costs for entrepreneurs, increases research and development tax credits, and incentivizes manufacturers to use American suppliers, creating more high-paying jobs. We also invest in small business support and STEM education to give entrepreneurs access to the skills and workforce they need to thrive. We make sure that when the federal government spends taxpayers’ money to buy the things it needs, it buys it from American companies — including small disadvantaged businesses, which we’ve already awarded a record amount of contract dollars to.

I have long said that America can be defined in one word: opportunity. Entrepreneurs’ willingness to take risks, work hard and never give up makes these opportunities come alive. They turn visions into reality and ideas into products, profits and national wealth. This month, we celebrate their contributions as a show of national pride and recommit to giving them the space and support to ensure America wins the 21st century.

THEREFORE, I, JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., President of the United States of America, by virtue of my authority under the United States Constitution and laws, hereby proclaim November 2022 as National Entrepreneurship Month. I call on all Americans to mark this month with appropriate programs and activities and to celebrate November 15, 2022 as National Entrepreneurs’ Day.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, on this thirty-first day of October, in the year of our Lord two thousand and twenty-two, and the independence of the United States of America on the two hundred and forty-seventh, I have laid my hand thereon.



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