Advanced technology from RST Solutions is helping Australian mines prepare for a wetter than usual rainy season

RST Solutions dust suppressors accelerate a haul road’s recovery time after rain events

Mine operators are preparing for the expected extremely wet weather with advanced technologies from RST Solutions

With potentially damaging weather forecasts for parts of Australia over the coming months, RST Solutions is helping its customers step up their mitigation strategies

RST Solutions works with mine operators to manage the increasing challenges and risks posed by the increasingly frequent and intensifying rain extremes.

Our haul road dust suppressors actually accelerate a haul road’s recovery time after rain events and improve running surfaces that require less maintenance.”

— David Handel, Operations and Technical Director of RST Solutions

GOLD COAST, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, Nov. 14, 2022 / — Australian mines are preparing for a wet, rainy remainder of the year and RST Solutions’ high-performance road technology will be used by site operators on their haul roads to support prepare Prepare them for the upcoming wet weather and minimize road closures during this time.

With potentially damaging weather forecasts for parts of Australia over the coming months, RST Solutions advises its customers to step up their mitigation strategies to avoid major infrastructure and production losses in the event of future extremely wet weather events.

High-performance haul road dust suppressors, developed by leading particulate matter specialist Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST Solutions), are proven to improve the structural quality of roads over time, helping to keep roads open and safe for heavy traffic.

Advanced technologies like Avenger, mainly used to suppress dust, add value by continuing to improve road texture over time and after rain.

“Rather than deteriorating or washing away over time, our dust suppressors work themselves down through the surface layers when it rains, which actually improves the quality of the road,” says David Handel, operations and technical director of RST Solutions.

“When our products are used, they act to stabilize and tighten road surface structure through particle slip and aggregation, which over time reduces rolling resistance, road maintenance and road recovery after rain.

“By applying an additive like Avenger to the roads in dust control programs, road quality improves in both the short and long term, reducing the need for road maintenance measures to manage dust and erosion.

“The use of water carts will also decrease by up to 50% and haul road gradeability requirements can decrease by up to 30%.

“Australian mines are preparing for a rainy season that can cause flooding. We are helping them prepare for what could be a very wet summer.”

RST Solutions has a powerful suite of customizable products that are designed to address a range of problems and can be tailored to unique, site-specific requirements, including factors such as materials used, processes involved, local weather patterns and temperatures, and land topography.

Avenger is an advanced dust suppression and erosion control technology developed by RST Solutions as a long-term and immediate solution for road and paved surface treatment.

Thoroughfare treated with Avenger has been shown to have a cumulative effect over time as the material compacts more after each wetting and drying cycle, reducing permeability and increasing strength.

Further compaction occurs as the road is used, with the huge haulage tires acting like massive filters, squeezing the water out of the mud and eliminating voids.

“High-quality, rain-resistant roads are achieved by reducing the permeability of the treated road surface and using Avenger for the drainage effect to separate water from the soil particles and allow the material to dry faster,” said Mr. Handel.

“As an application program becomes established and our product begins to build road surface strength, road inspection and maintenance teams will observe a better road surface with faster recovery times from rain.

“Our haul road dust suppressors actually speed up a haul road’s recovery time after rain events and improve running surfaces that require less maintenance.”

RST Solutions adapts its technologies to the materials used on site and tailors the chemistry to target all types of soils, from highly plastic clays to very low plastic silts, greatly improving the overall road construction process, leading to more durable ones , more weather-resistant haul roads that keep productivity optimal.

Chemical formulations specially developed by RST Solutions significantly improve the quality of the bulk material used. Moisture control increases throughout the construction process, with the material being more friable and less likely to clump to provide faster compaction rates and improved pavement strength and density.

RST Solutions specializes in solving complex particulate matter problems and is currently working on a variety of infrastructure projects worldwide, delivering custom solutions adapted to each site’s specific factors such as: B. materials used, processes involved, local weather patterns, temperatures and land topography.

Taking into account a site’s application equipment and systems, as well as construction processes, RST Solutions tailors its advanced technologies to solve site-specific problems caused by all types of particulate matter issues from dust to sludge, silt to sediment.

This know-how comes from three decades of experience, which we have gained in developing solutions for large-scale particulate matter challenges in numerous industries, processes and material types.

RST Solutions is an international Australian company with presence and projects in the United States of America, China, India, Africa, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Panama, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Papua New Guinea Guinea , New Caledonia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Croatia, Lithuania and Mongolia.

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