AEW Full Gear: Britt Baker Previews Match Against Saraya

Saturday is full gear Pay-per-view will likely be remembered as the night MJF finally breaks into the world title category. The Elite will also return and as a host of other major title matches help make the pay-per-view stand out and there is another immensely important match on the map.

dr Britt Baker is set to meet Saraya to pay off an old-school wrestling feud, albeit one spiced with an evolved form of storytelling. Saraya – best known in the wrestling world as Paige – came to AEW with a mission to take the women’s division to new heights. She was turned down by Baker, the longtime face of the division. Despite Baker playing the role of the villain, there are additional layers to the game considering that she is one of the originals from AEW while Saraya is an outsider from WWE.


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