The unveiling of the upgraded top-tier “X-CUBE 90 on GPX” and the debut value console “X-CUBE 60” belong to the new generation of diagnostic ultrasound systems presented at the Radiological Society of North America Annual medical exhibition

Seoul, South Korea, November 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ALPINION Medical Systems, a leading brand in ultrasound technology and manufacturer of cutting-edge medical devices, will introduce a new line of high-performance diagnostic devices at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Radiology Conference and Annual Meeting. The conference will take place in Chicago out November 27 to December 1, 2022and showcase the most exciting advances in medical technology and clinical imaging.

Dating back to more than a decade of investment and development, ALPINION’s outstanding ultrasound machines provide diagnostic imaging that addresses the most pressing healthcare challenges in radiology with benchmark levels of quality, accuracy and clarity.

Physicians, clinical specialists and radiology researchers can look forward to demonstrations of ALPINION’s newly upgraded X-CUBE series: 90 and 70 on GPX and the newly launched value console unit: X-CUBE 60. The X-CUBE series at the RSNA scientific meeting aims to provide the highest ultrasound performance with precise clinical imaging and operational efficiency. The X-CUBE 90 and 70 series on GPX has undergone a major system upgrade that integrates advanced diagnostic technologies with reduced noise and artifacts to achieve excellent contrast resolution. All three models are equipped with advanced image capture technology capable of processing signals 4x better and 14x faster than the existing platform, enabling healthcare providers to make every important decision with maximum display, data interpretation and a precise to diagnose confidence.

For the RSNA exhibition, ALPINION Medical Systems will also introduce the highly-anticipated, performance-based portable series, the laptop-style X-CUBE i9 unit, which offers concise capabilities, expanded functionalities and streamlined workflows for greater mobility, flexibility and affordability to meet the ever-growing patient demand for imaging solutions – a long-awaited improvement in the patient-centric approach and customization that is set to benefit medical practices everywhere.

If you want to experience the new ALPINION products live, you can visit them North Hall, ALPINION booth no. 6353 to watch the live ultrasound demonstration. Industry professionals can also arrange a hands-on experience with the X-CUBE 90 on GPX to test the intuitive user interface, experience first-hand ALPINION’s accumulated image processing technology, and explore the dynamic solutions that multidisciplinary radiology healthcare services can benefit from.

Since 2007, the ALPINION brand has relied on highly optimized and first-class medical products. For its diagnostic ultrasound machines, ALPINION prides itself on developing an intuitive platform with easy workflow customization – a system that is both feature-rich and easy for clinical operators to adopt and thrive on. The ergonomic console, widescreen monitor and variety of transducers deliver crisp clinical imaging and the accuracy medical facilities can count on.

The 2022 RSNA annual meeting marks a new phase in the company’s history as ALPINION expands globally through new partnerships, new market opportunities and representation in newly developing channels. Mister. Kevin ChunCEO of ALPINION United States of Americaexplains: “The new Alpinion chapter comes with a new focus, new designs and new technology. Prominently opposite after the figure North America Over the past decade, ALPINION’s intelligent ultrasound products have gained momentum as the brand of choice for prestigious medical practices and leading clinical facilities in various medical specialties of radiology.


As a subsidiary of ILJIN Group (015860.KS), a representative company South Korea ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS specializes in the development and manufacture of medical ultrasound systems in the field of parts and material production. ALPINION entered the ultrasound business in 2007 and has grown into a significant value innovator within the industry. The company is a pioneer in the medical market, developing technologies that enable higher quality medical care and more thorough patient care. The brand is expanding its business scope vertically and horizontally in all facets of ultrasound technology. Through the independent development and manufacture of high-quality transducers and diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound systems, it contributes to improving the quality of medical services. ALPINION is determined to be a pillar of the medical community and a lifelong medical partner to customers, society and humanity.

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