At Pioneer Press, technology brings new possibilities

A recent event held at Pioneer Press in Greeley, Colorado showcased the company’s new RMGT 9 Series 8-color LED UV perfecting press – a significant upgrade for the dynamic company. A mix of customers and other print professionals attended the event, which provided an opportunity to experience the benefits of a fully modernized offset print production. In addition to exemplary printing, the new press offers production flexibility, the benefits of automation and faster turnaround times.

The benefits of technology

The RMGT press offers a high level of control, including on-press camera systems.

According to Kian Hemmen, West Regional Sales Manager, Print and Finishing Solutions at RMGT, the labor savings alone with these fully automatic presses bring big benefits. “All but one of our installations of this line of presses are single operator,” he says. Time-saving elements of the new press include automatic plate loading and ejection, and an on-press camera system that reads each print and makes any necessary adjustments every 10 prints. Also, he says, an 8-color setup takes about 50% less time.

Ink Sentinel systems automate inking the press.

Another quality-oriented and cost-saving element of the new press is the installation of Pamarco Ink Sentinel systems. The systems ensure a metered, even flow of ink to the press and relieve the operator of inking the press so that he can focus more on quality.

Because of the new press’s mix of automated features, Hemmen says the potential press uptime is between 92% and 94%, and runs as low as 150 are profitable.

Speaking at the event, Pioneer Press owner Chris SoRelle pointed out that the press has only been up and running for about a month. The company’s main motivation for purchasing the new press, he says, “was more output. We were fully utilized with what we had. We removed a press and installed the RMGT. We expect a threefold increase in performance in the same area.”

The new RMGT 9 series LED UV perfector installed at Pioneer Press.

Another strong benefit of the new press, says Bob Shoemeate, VP of Operations, is the instant drying and low energy consumption of LED UV curing. “It answers the requests we get for eco-friendly printing.” Because of the instant drying of LED-UV, he says, “the print goes straight to the bindery. When the new press operator brought in posters on non-absorbent Yupo synthetic paper, Shoemate reiterated SoRelle’s expectations for improved productivity: he expects a 300% increase in productivity.

Increased production flexibility and efficiency are top priorities for Rudy DeSouza, VP of Sales and Business Development. He highlighted how LED UV curing enables printing on a wider variety of substrates: plastics, synthetics, recycled and uncoated materials. The advantages of print automation bring shorter makeready times, not only in time but also in paper consumption. “We used to use up 800 sheets in the makeready time for conventional jobs with double-sided printing,” he says. “That’s 100 sheets now, and we’d rather use those sheets for jobs, not prep.”

The business case

According to DeSouza, the new press is also an investment in the future: “We have a strong responsibility towards our customers and employees to remain competitive in a competitive industry. We hoped to get immediate benefits from the new press and the results have met our expectations.”


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