Babcock & Wilcox are investigating the application of SolveBrightTM CO2 capture technology for the CONSOL Energy Decarbonization Project

AKRON, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) (NYSE: BW) announced today that its B&W Environmental segment has been awarded a contract to study the application of B&W’s SolveBrightTM solvent-based carbon dioxide (CO2) capture solution for CONSOL Energy’s advanced coal and biomass-based 21St Century Power Plant project currently under development. B&W selected Honeywell UOP Advanced Solvent Carbon Capture (ASCC) process technology for the CO2 Capture aspect of the project.

CONSOL Energy is evaluating post-combustion CO2 capture technologies as part of the US Department of Energy/National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) 21st Century Power Plants initiative, which aims to help develop the coal and biomass power plants of the future to be safe, resilient, and… to provide reliable power while utilizing otherwise unusable waste carbon fines. The Worley Group is acting as prime contractor for CONSOL and coordinating the technology assessment.

The proposed 21St Century Power Plant will have four pressurized fluidized bed boiler combustors, each with CO2 Emissions capture targets of approximately 781,000 tonnes per year. B&W’s SolveBright technology, which is part of ClimateBrightTM Suite of decarbonization and hydrogen technologies, is a post-combustion solution used to treat the flue gas stream from a pressurized fluidized bed combustor (PFBC) power plant for CO capture2 and generate clean energy with near-zero emissions.

“We are pleased that B&W and Honeywell UOP were selected for this study to determine how our advanced carbon capture technologies can be applied to this groundbreaking clean energy project,” said Jimmy Morgan, B&W executive vice president and chief operating officer . “B&W’s proven SolveBright technology, which encompasses our experience in the design and construction of large on-site absorbers, scrubbing systems and our history of developing amine-based solvent systems, combined with Honeywell UOP’s experience with amine-based solvent systems and their ASCC technology, give us the opportunity to deliver a truly innovative decarbonization solution.”

B&W’s SolveBright scrubbing system, which is highly flexible and can integrate a variety of solvents and process technologies, absorbs CO2 directly from the plant’s flue gas using a regenerable solvent, which is then recycled for reuse.

Barry Glickman, Vice President and General Manager of Honeywell Sustainable Technology Solutions, said, “We are excited to combine Honeywell UOP’s innovative ASCC technology with B&W’s SolveBright CO2 capture solution for CONSOL. The combination of Honeywell’s process technology expertise and B&W’s capabilities in the design and construction of large-scale power plants is particularly well suited to CONSOL’s project needs. Post-combustion carbon capture is a viable turnkey solution that can reduce CO2 footprint of the energy sector and we look forward to demonstrating this at the 21st CONSOLSt century power station”.

Honeywell’s Advanced Solvent Carbon Capture technology uses a proprietary, second-generation solvent that enables efficient carbon capture from post-combustion flue gas sources. This point source CO2 The removal technology can be retrofitted to existing plants or integrated as part of a new installation and can be used to reduce emissions in hard-to-reduce industries including fossil energy, steel, cement and other industries.

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