Bengals News (11/2): Inconvenient truth emerges

Bengals partners with Grippo Potato Chip Company
Bengals and Cincinnati-based Grippo Potato Chip Company has announced a new multi-year partnership that will make Grippo’s chips the official hometown chip of the Cincinnati Bengals. Grippo’s chips will be available at concession stands throughout Paycor Stadium beginning with Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers. Grippo’s co-branded products will be available at select local retailers in the near future.

Bengal’s top 2 draft picks Hill and Taylor-Britt on deck with injuries
“We had two rookies on the outside playing and getting their first experiences,” Hilton said shortly after it was over. “They have been looking for us to lead and guide them. We’ll be expecting a lot from these two for the rest of the year. You have to be ready.”

DJ Reader launches community program with local high school
ASNFF is committed to providing additional support to Shroder High School’s 700+ students through a back-to-school drive ahead of the start of the 2023-2024 school year. Students are provided with the basic back-to-school essentials they need to return to school ready and equipped for a successful school year. Students can also pre-register for dental, vision and health screenings.

Bengals face awkward problems with Joe Mixon, Jonah Williams
In eight games, he has just 432 yards and two points with a 3.3 average, which ranks him roughly 50th in the NFL alongside players like Najee Harris.

Adam “PacMan” Jones is made ruler of the jungle in week 9
The Bengal revealed who rules the jungle during this weekend’s Carolina Panthers game. Former star cornerback and returnee Adam “PacMan” Jones is the next man.

Sidney Jones is the perfect layoff target for Bengals
Seems easy enough, right? The Bengals oddly decided to sit still at Tuesday’s close. It wasn’t weird in that the team typically uses things like this, but weird in that the team is in the Super Bowl window and just lost No. 1 corner spot Chidobe Awuzie for the season.

Can the Cincinnati Bengals win without Ja’Marr Chase?
Mike Florio and Chris Simms analyze the Cincinnati Bengals’ struggles on offense without the services of Ja’Marr Chase and debate whether the Bengals can make the playoffs this season.

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NFL Trade Grades: Assessing Deadline Deals for Roquan Smith, Christian McCaffrey, Bradley Chubb and More
A year ago, there was speculation that Philadelphia might sell Fletcher Cox at the NFL’s close. That never happened. Now, Cox remains on an Eagles team that’s in full buy mode (and has been since March) after snapping Robert Quinn from the Bears to complement a Cox-led defensive line that’s among the league’s best. It’s a snapshot of how quickly teams in the NFL can go from buyers to sellers—or vice versa.

NFL Trade Deadline 2022: Who Are the Biggest Winners and Losers?
The trading period was always wild. We’d already seen some high-profile moves in the days leading up — like Carolina sending Christian McCaffery to San Francisco and Robert Quinn moving from Chicago to Philadelphia — so you knew there was more to come. We closed 10 deals on the actual day of the deadline. That’s a new record in a league where spinning and trading is becoming more and more normal.

Offensive Player Rankings, Week 9: 2021 QB Tier Redesign! Sort fields, Lawrence and Co.
Seven of the 10 quarterbacks drafted last year started in at least one game in 2021 and had a collective rookie record of 21-50. On Sunday, Indianapolis Colts QB Sam Ehlinger became the youngest member of that class to make his starting debut, in a loss to Washington that gave the group a combined score of 13-21-1 in Week 9 of the 2022 season.

Broncos GM George Paton: Bradley Chubb trade would have happened ‘regardless’ of Denver’s record
“We would have made this deal anyway,” emphasized the GM, according to the official team transcript. “We just felt the value was too good, we believe in our young depth and we believe in our defence. Going forward we need to fill other holes on the offensive side of the ball. We would have made that trade anyway.”


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