Bizzabo launches Klik Experiential Wearable Onsite Technology

Bizzabo, the Event Experience Operating System (OS), has introduced Klik Experiential, a wearable on-premises technology for flagship events. Building on the leading provider of event technology’s wide range of personal registration, check-in and lead query solutions, SmartBadge™ by Bizzbo Event Experience Leaders enables them to deliver enhanced attendee and exhibitor experiences while collecting insightful behavioral data.

The number of in-person events on Bizzabo’s Event Experience OS increased almost 724% between January and September 2022 alone, an enthusiastic signal of the industry’s willingness to return to conferences, trade shows and other large networking gatherings. Looking ahead, 85% of event organizers plan according to a current Bizzabo survey.

As face-to-face events gain momentum, attendee expectations are higher than ever. On-site check-in should be painless. Meetings should be easily accessible. Content should be easy to download. Exhibitor interactions should be effortless. Sustainability should be a designated priority. The SmartBadge meets these expectations by transforming a passive accessory into an intuitive, interactive asset.

Wearable technology enables:

  • Attendees can check-in to sessions, download content, and streamline network functionality by sharing contact information with exhibitors and other attendees with one click.
  • Exhibitors can capture, access and leverage simplified, robust lead capture through seamless interactions.
  • Event organizers to capture unprecedented attendee behavioral data through passive tracking and streamline session management, using data to make decisions and enable instant adjustments.
  • An improved path to sustainability that eliminates unnecessary paper items and shipping. The SmartBadge is also reusable, allowing organizers to return badges to Bizzabo to be reset and recycled as needed.
  • Data protection as no personal information is stored on the SmartBadge.

“Marketers discovered the value of detailed, real-time data insights as they transitioned to virtual events. With the launch of Klik Experiential, we invite organizers to build on what they’ve learned from virtual events to brighten the new era of in-person events. The SmartBadge enables the best of both worlds: face-to-face interactions, supported by powerful, intuitive technology to increase the value of events for organisers, attendees and exhibitors. Just because in-person events are happening again doesn’t mean the data is gone,” he said Eran Ben ShushanCEO and co-founder of Bizzabo.

Other features of the SmartBadge include:

  • OneKlik Touchpoint, eliminating the need for standard URLs or posting and printing to and from events. With just one click, attendees can seamlessly download content and information throughout the event.
  • Audience Lights that remotely illuminate attendees’ SmartBadges. Light up all SmartBadges at once to increase engagement in large sessions, or use custom colors for defined groups, e.g. B. Ticket Types.
  • Digital heatmaps to visualize attendee engagement in near real-time on organizers’ event dashboards to better identify popular sessions and exhibitors.
  • Gamification through touchpoints, session attendance or click networking to enhance experiences and provide more brand sponsorship opportunities.
  • The Klik exhibitor portal that gives exhibitors easy and quick access to leads during and after the event.

Bizzabo continues to drive high-energy in-person, virtual and hybrid events for the world’s leading brands. More information about Bizzabo and the Event Experience OS can be found at


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