‘Black Adam’ Takes Number One At The Box Office Again | entertainment

Black Adam, the DC superhero film starring Dwayne Johnson, held the #1 spot at the North American box office for its second weekend in cinemas. Ticket sales rose 59% from Black Adam’s $27.7 million, the studio estimated on Sunday, taking domestic sales to $111.1 million.

Johnson has spent a decade bringing the character to the big screen and has visions for a follow-up with Superman. But the future of Black Adam isn’t quite written yet. The Warner Bros. film had a whopping price tag of $200 million and a sequel was not officially approved.

But big changes are afoot at DC – the studio has just announced a new executive team of Peter Safran and James Gunn, whose penchant for supporting little-known comic book characters is well documented. And on Sunday, Johnson released a note to his 344 million Instagram followers about the end of the world press tour, thanking those who worked behind the scenes to launch “our NEW DC franchise known as BLACK ADAM.”

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