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books and bridges

If you had told this 73-year-old woman that one day she would be in an Uber and discussing books with a 23-year-old Somali refugee, I would have told you in all honesty, you were crazy.

He picked me up at a bookstore and immediately asked me if I had found a book to read. I always do, I replied. He went on to tell me the genre of books he liked to read and if I could recommend any good titles. My only advice, I replied, would be to read a lot of different genres. We then proceeded to share some individual stories related to leaving our home countries and arriving in the United States

Books. Small powerhouses full of wisdom, knowledge and entertainment. And that day for me a source of connection. Sharing stories and personal stories with someone I never imagined doing this with. To build bridges. One conversation after the other.

Ursula Krawczyk, Roseville

half-truths and distortions

Joe, you screwed it up!

I’m referring to Joe Soucheray’s column in the St. Paul Pioneer Press on Sunday October 30 (“Throw the Meatloaf on the TV”). Yes, the political commercials on TV are the worst I’ve ever been bombarded with. The half-truths and distortions do not explain what the candidate is for and will do.

However, you missed an opportunity to help ward off the political meanness and hate by only mentioning Democratic Party ads and none of the equally disgusting Republican ads. You missed a golden opportunity.

Jean Haider, Woodbury

Add divisions

As for Joe Soucheray’s column on Sunday, if I had a subscription to Pioneer Press, I would cancel it after this column. I used to read Joe’s article and always found it a bit ironic, but this one was just awful. It only contributes to the political divisions. He is a representative of the newspaper and as such has no place in this article. It’s just mean and pandering to the right-wing extremists.

Marianne Goren, St Paul

A medical matter

The moment a male cell and female cell unite, a new human being is miraculously created and God gives this new person a unique soul and DNA, separate and separate from either his mother or father.

Governments make laws to end another person’s life (self-defense, police action, murder, manslaughter, etc.). The state of Minnesota protects the lives of those convicted of heinous crimes by outlawing the death penalty. The same protection is not afforded to an innocent and helpless human being in the womb.

During the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of people lay helpless in a hospital bed, relying on external life support to keep them alive. An embryo lying in a womb and dependent on external life support from its mother is no less human than the helpless patient in a hospital bed suffering from COVID-19.

There are two lives at stake when contemplating abortion; both the mother and the child, and neither should be treated lightly. All human life should be treated with dignity and respect from the moment of conception.

While governments will continue to make laws governing the life and death of their citizens, including the unborn, the issue of pregnancy is clearly a medical matter to be decided by the doctor and patient, not the government.

Let a healthy child live.

Mourn for the lost.

God help us all.

David Hobbs, Newport


I just read an article in the Sunday paper entitled “Trump lashes out at the trial judge.” The main point of the article was our former President’s dissatisfaction with the criminal proceedings and investigations that are underway so close to the midterm elections. Mr. Trump was quoted as saying, “Breaking with a long-standing and powerful tradition that cases involving politicians should not be brought or tried just before or during a major election”… “They demand it now. So much for tradition and unwritten rules and laws!!!”

This is rhetoric about tradition stemming from a former president who refused to release his tax returns as tradition requires, who did not have the courtesy to attend his successor’s inauguration ceremony, or help initiate a smooth administrative transition , and a President who lacked the courage to acknowledge defeat with grace and humility…all traditions honored and followed throughout the history of our great country. For traditions to have relevance and meaning, they must be followed consistently…not just when it suits Mr. Trump.

Mike Miller, Lakeland

Connecting the pots?

It’s nice to see the success of Minnesota Gopher running back Treyson Potts of Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The first mayor of St. Paul in 1850 (then still a parish) was Dr. Thomas R Potts. dr Potts was a son of Rev. George Charles Potts, DD, of the Fourth Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia. dr Potts was the doctor at Ft. Sniff.

Bob Porter, St. Paul


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