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By Janiyah Thomas

There is no doubt, now and ever, that black-owned businesses face challenges. But in this day and age, black businesses are finding themselves particularly vulnerable to failure thanks to the Democratic Party’s failed economic policies.

According to a recent report by HIT Strategies, crime, inflation, the cost of living, job opportunities and rising wages are among the top issues for black voters. The political agenda of Joe Biden and the Indiana Democrats has proven destructive to Hoosiers. The Lake County Economic Advancement Committee Board said that “inflation and the workforce” are the biggest challenges facing the region’s job seekers right now.

Black Americans fight in Joe Biden’s America. Democratic politics has had a negative impact on small business owners. HBCU Claflin University School of Business Dean and Economist Nicholas J. Hill said, “We know that when something is bad for all small businesses in America, it’s worse for Black-owned businesses.” denied financing at a higher rate than other non-Black-owned businesses.

This administration’s economic practices continue to stifle black businesses. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, inflation and supply chain issues are the two biggest obstacles companies face today. The producer price index for September is up 8.5 since last year. In addition, many small businesses have difficulty finding workers. Conversely, those willing to work are seeing their paychecks drop due to bidenflation.

The Republican Party supports entrepreneurship and economic independence by hosting black business roundtables across the country to highlight the importance of economically empowering the black community. Last month, the Republican National Committee hosted a Black Business Roundtable in Gary, Indiana with Sen. Todd Young (R-IN), Republican Congressman Burgess Owens (UT-04), Republican nominee for Indiana’s First District Jennifer-Ruth Green and Black business owner. During these roundtable events, Black business owners and Republican leaders have an opportunity to discuss the issues facing the community and try to find solutions to change their current situation. These types of community conversations are very important to ensure voters know we are here to listen and to help. We are the party of freedom and opportunity. Hoosiers have a shot at wealth with Jennifer-Ruth Green (IN-01).

Black voters are now beginning to see the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party. HIT Strategies reported that 44 percent of black Americans think the Democratic Party takes the black vote for granted. Many black voters are leaving the Democratic Party because of the economy. Indiana Democrat Frank Mrvan has supported every major spending bill that has contributed to the disastrous economy.

This week, Hoosiers went out to vote for Republican policies that align with our priorities, electing people who best serve the interests of black businesses. Other than radical [politician] Frank Mrvan, Jennifer-Ruth Green will not put their party before their people.


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