Business Spotlight: Refuel moves to Malicki’s Piggly Wiggly in Racine

Since 2020, Refuel has been providing Racine with nutritious snacks and meals. This innovative company focuses on serving smoothies, açaí and pitaya bowls that are not only a treat, but also packed with nutrients and superfoods.

After living in California, Refuel’s owner, Nadya Awan, struggled to find a source of healthy food upon her return to Racine. Rather than let an opportunity slip away, she used her desire as a drive to start her own business.

“When I first came back and opened up, no one really knew what açaí or pitaya was. I think people are learning now,” says the owner.

With unique products packed with flavor and health benefits, Refuel certainly stands out as the only company in Racine that offers this type of handcrafted treat.

“All of our bowls contain superfoods. They’re a lot thicker than a regular smoothie,” says Awan, “that’s why it goes in the bowl. And then they have healthy toppings, so it’s eaten with a spoon.”

A refueling bowl packed with nutrients and flavor. – Recognition: refueling

Flavors range from classics like strawberry and banana smoothies to bowls with dragon fruit and blue spirulina. This dairy-free treat can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Each scoop of these unique products contains an abundance of nutrients that fuel the body.

A selection of Açaí and Pitaya bowls by Nadya Awan. – Recognition: refueling

moving locations

Awan, formerly located on the north side of Racine, is excited to switch gears and open a shop in a more central location. Refuel will be teaming up with Racine’s own Malicki’s Piggly Wiggly, located at 5201 Washington Ave.

Refuel is preparing for its new window location at Malicki’s Piggly Wiggly on Washington Avenue in Racine. – Recognition: refueling

Everyone thinks it’s a great change. A lot of people know Ralph, so they love our connection.

Nadya Awan, owner of Refuel

At Malicki’s Piggly Wiggly, customers can already purchase mini bowls. They are available near the bakery in a special freezer and can be borrowed from the front tills. These mini bowls cost $5 each.

Expect an abundance of mini bowls in the freezer next to the Malicki’s Piggly Wiggly Bakery on Washington Avenue in Racine. – Recognition: refueling

Additionally, Awan shares that these Refuel mini bowls will soon be stocked at Malicki’s location at Oak Creek, 2201 E. Rawson Ave.

“We just started mini bowls last Tuesday and I’ve already spoken to people who have never had them before and have tried them and love them,” says Awan.

In the near future, Refuel will open its own small shop inside the Washington Avenue grocery store. They are located where the former cafe Mokka Lisa was, near the bakery. Opening date is yet to be confirmed, but customers will be able to order full-size bowls and smoothies once it is confirmed.

Refueling becomes mobile

In addition to relocations, Awan also went mobile with her company this summer. She attended the Kenosha and Racine harbor markets. With the kenosha market moving indoors, she has the potential to continue getting her bowls to the people – just south – this winter as well.

In addition to personally reaching out to customers in Kenosha, the owner is considering further expansion.

Refuel is going mobile and making its season-first appearance at Kenosha HarborMarket this summer. – Recognition: refueling

“I could try doing the Milaeger farmer’s market on Sundays,” she says.

However, Awan is not prepared for her next move with her mobile cart. If you’re looking for a bite to eat, their permanent location at Malicki’s Piggly Wiggly in Racine is the place to refuel.

Updates about their business are posted on their Facebook page. Stay tuned for opening day announcement and hours of operation.

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