DELAN donates a dollar for every hour his IT consultants contribute to his new charity program «1 don, 1 hour à la fois»

MONTREAL, November 8, 2022 /CNW/ – While the economic context and labor shortages remain challenging Quebec company, DELAN, an SME specializing in Information Technology (IT) recruitment, introduces a new program linked to its contracted division, allowing it to give back to the community. Mentioned as part of the program 1 Thursday, 1 hour a la foisDELAN will draw from its income a dollar per hour worked by each of its IT consultants, which it will donate to a charity under Centraide of Greater Montreal60 million girls, Leucan and Breakfast Club of Canada. Thanks to the variety of tasks and target groups of the selected organizations, every IT consultant from DELAN can choose the issue that is close to their heart.

The DELAN team (CNW Group/DELAN - Chasseurs de Talents en TI)

The DELAN team (CNW Group/DELAN – Chasseurs de Talents en TI)

The power of hybrid takeover

“Like many entrepreneurs of my generation, I am interested in the impact my company has on society. I believe that the pursuit of profit is not a company’s only goal and that it is possible and even desirable to combine economic growth and social engagement, a vision shared by my partners and the rest of the team states the president of DELAN, Jean Francois Charpentier.

A breath of fresh air is blowing over the medium-sized company, which is managed by three shareholders, two of them from the company succession. The founder, Anne Marie DeslauriersShe passed the presidency to her son Jean Francois Charpentier last June while Stephany Desmarais, Vice-President of Recruitment, joined the shareholders and thus the Executive Management Team, allowing the adoption of a hybrid model between family and traditional takeover. This model encourages innovation and the emergence of new ideas, which continues to differentiate DELAN. In addition, the provision of the program «1 Thursday, 1 hour a la fois» is an initiative led by Alexandre Trudeaualso part of the company succession planwho joined DELAN May 2022 as Business Development Director of the Contractual Division.

Philanthropy as an impact strategy

DELAN has always been characterized by its strong corporate culture, which places people and innovation at the center of its approach. For Anne-Marie the program is «1 don, 1 hour à la fois» is part of the desire to go further and share the benefits of business growth with society at large. “Teamwork and cooperation are core values ​​at DELAN. These are lived daily in the company and also with external partners. The program “1 don, 1 hour à la fois» will allow us to create an even more meaningful social impact while mobilizing our team and customers. We are proud that DELAN continues to grow while strengthening its social footprint,” she says.

Corresponding the study of trends in philanthropy in Quebec, Quebec SMEs are becoming interested in philanthropy. For 67% of them, philanthropic culture is an important value, and this number will only increase with the arrival of Generation X or Y entrepreneurs who are more aware of philanthropy. Since SMEs make up more than 99% of companies Quebecher potential contribution to the philanthropic ecosystem would be great.

As the company celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, DELAN hopes that the “1 don, 1 hour à la fois» will create a movement under Quebec companies. The three partners are also launching an appeal to all entrepreneurs and SME managers. “All companies can give and get involved socially. It’s about defining the right formula according to the realities of our organization,” the partners emphasize.


DELAN – IT talent hunter is a Quebec Family business specializing in recruiting for the technology industry in the greater area Montreal region and everywhere Quebec for over 25 years. DELAN is a woman-owned company certified by WEConnect International and WBE Canada and is one of the rising stars of Première en Affaires magazine’s Palmarès des entreprises québécoises au féminin 2022. The company won the 2021 WBE Canada President’s Award and the 2020 and 2021 Top Recruiter awards in the Montreal Agencies category.

DELAN logo (CNW Group/DELAN - Chasseurs de Talents en TI)

DELAN logo (CNW Group/DELAN – Chasseurs de Talents en TI)

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