CABS returns to the popular service on November 14th

Campus Area Bus Service (CABS) changes taking place Monday, November 14 will restore service to much of the Ohio State University campus core.

“CABS is committed to providing the best possible service to all of our loyal drivers,” said Tom Holman, Associate Director of Transportation and Traffic Management. “In response to customer feedback, and after learning of a change in nearby construction phases, CABS is excited to bring additional routes and stops back to campus this fall.”

The second phase of construction on Cannon Drive, originally scheduled to affect the CABS routes in spring 2023, has been delayed, allowing buses to reverse previous routes and stops.

Beginning Monday, November 14, CABS will resume operations along Cannon Drive, including a stop at Mid-Towers. Key service changes include:

  • Campus Loop South (CLS) returns. This route provides a 16-minute daily frequency between the Buckeye Lot and the central campus.
  • The Campus Connector (CC) will extend stops beyond the transit hub to provide a clockwise loop around the entire academic core. Service between 10am and 6pm will be reduced from seven minutes to 10 minutes to accommodate these additional stops.
  • The Buckeye Express (BE) increases morning frequency between 7am and 10am, reducing wait times from 10 minutes to 7 minutes.

Regular East Residential (ER), Med Center Express (MC) and CABS On-Demand service will continue. See updated service times for all routes on-line.

These changes support updated construction phase plans along Cannon Drive, with the work expected to impact the CABS routes, which are now postponed to Fall 2023. This work will likely take place instead and will impact routes next school year. They are also adding service as we enter the season with fewer daylight hours.

As a reminder: CABS offers an evening service and a night service on many routes via CABS On Demand as one of many safety tools to move around campus.

Be sure to download Ohio State app for real-time CABS tracking and visit the traffic map to view the impact of travel that may affect your commute to the Columbus campus.


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