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Studio D Catering takes over the vacant restaurant at Jamestown Airport. Photo by Gregory Bacon

After years of vacancy, Jamestown’s Chautauqua County Airport will soon be getting new business.

During last week’s County Legislature session, Studio D Catering was approved to lease the restaurant facilities at Jamestown Airport starting today at a rate of $500 per month. The lease runs for six months.

Studio D Catering is owned by Diana Scott of Mayville. In a letter she wrote to lawmakers, Scott revealed that she has been in the business since 2015. In 2021, she lost her lease on her downtown Jamestown location.

She likes the location at 313 Airport Dr. in the town of Ellicott.

“We believe Jamestown Airport Restaurant would be a great fit as we expand our private catering offering, serving breakfast and lunch to go to more than 150 employees within a 3 mile radius of the airport, offering local small businesses and artisans in the 716 themed gift shop and promote a unique venue for private parties and our own special events,” Scott wrote.

Scott noted that Studio D Catering was a “awesome power of generosity and hospitality” since its launch seven years ago. They have extensive catering experience, having operated a food truck and hosted several community events “and generously given to our local shelters and emergency services.”

Before the vote, District Airport Manager Shannon Barnhart said she supported Studio D Catering’s motion.

“We’re very happy to have someone there who already has a solid reputation in the community,” She said.

Lawmaker Bob Scudder, R-Fredonia, said he supports the lease. “That’s exciting. It’s good to see companies settling at the airport and generating income for the district,” he said.

Lawmaker David Wilfong, R-Jamestown, said the catering company could help bring commercial air service back to Jamestown. “We already have our own food preparation business there. Maybe they could offer takeaway products to travelers to and from Jamestown.” he said.

Jamestown has been without commercial air service since 2017. Last year, the county legislature voted against providing funding for a study into essential air service. That was before Wilfong was sworn into office. No lawmakers responded to Wilfong’s comments on Wednesday.

The Tarmac Cafe had been at the airport but left in September 2016 after doing business there for three years.

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