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Celebrity Danger! premiered on ABC on September 25 and so far has seen several famous faces take to the podium to test their trivia skills (or lack thereof). But the fan reactions are divided.

Moderated by Mayim Bialik (call me cat), the celebrity spin-off series of the long-running game show, airs Sunday nights and sees three famous stars battle it out to advance in the tournament. So far, the candidates have included The after party Star Ike Barinholtz, degrees off the boat Actress Constance Wu, comedian Reggie Watts and ESPN sports analyst Jalen Rose.

The show has a more light-hearted approach than the highly competitive syndicated edition, and that’s an issue for some viewers.

“I am in love Danger. I’ve watched it religiously for decades. Celebrity Danger just annoys me to no end,” wrote a fan on the Danger! Reddit forum. “I realize that due to the fact that they’re popular celebrities, there’s going to be a more ‘casual’ vibe. But I find it borderline unwatchable.”

“First the announcement of the categories and the breaths and comments after each one. Like, shut up!” They continued. “And the faces they make. And commentary throughout the game that isn’t even that funny or entertaining. They all seem to be trying to outdo each other.”

Others shared similar sentiments, with one Reddit user writing, “Agree – I don’t care, nor am I a huge fan of most ‘tournaments’ (teens, college, teachers etc). I like my J! in its purest form, along with TOC.”

Another viewer was more open to the celebrity edition but wasn’t happy with the difficulty of the questions. “I like CJ but I don’t like that the questions are baby questions,” they wrote. “It wasn’t supposed to be a TOC level, but like… syndicated level daily questions, you know?”

“I agree with you. The only one Celebrity Danger I enjoyed was on SNL‘ wrote another fan, referring to the classic Saturday night live Parody.

“The clues are written for simpletons and the ‘celebrities’ break any gameplay rhythm,” added another. “I gave up Celebrity Danger…it’s too bad for my blood pressure.”

However, not everyone agreed, and many pointed out how Celebrity Danger! appeals to a casual audience.

“The die-hards get their half hour every night. Those who want something different will get her Celebrity Danger once every few years,” said one fan. “It’s no anticipation of the day Dangerso if traditional viewers don’t like it, they don’t get upset.”

Another commenter added: “That’s kind of the point. To have a simpler atmosphere for players to relax and have fun. I don’t watch unless someone I know is with me, and I really enjoy watching them in an unscripted setting rather than a movie or TV show.

Celebrity Danger! is a light-hearted charity event. It’s just celebrities having fun raising awareness and fundraising for their charity,” added another fan. “If you look at it with that attitude, maybe it won’t bother you that much.”

“Actually, I love Celebrity Dangermy biggest complaint is that i wish they were a little more famous,” said another.

“I think it’s helpful to remember that hardcore is happening on a daily basis Danger watcher is not the target market for this incarnation of Celebrity Danger.…” explained one user. “The target market is the average TV viewer who wants to see celebrities on a game show. So if you, a die-hard Jeopardy fan, don’t love it, that’s not surprising. It’s not necessarily a bad thing either. This can serve as a gateway drug to create new hardcore Danger fans.”

Another commenter wrote: “I just look at it as two different games. Syndicated Danger is a serious matter. Celebrity Danger That’s fun. Yes, it sometimes goes astray. Yes, the questions are simpler. I’ve been impressed by a few celebrities, it’s a fun hour, and Mayim has found her niche in being herself.”

Do you like it Celebrity Danger? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Celebrity Danger!Sundays, 8/7c, ABC

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