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Platinum and diamond-winning artist Charly Black takes former beauty queen-turned-recording artist Ria Rania to school. Not that she needed to be taught anything or anything he said as he discovered that the aspiring artist is not only professional in her approach to the music business but hardworking too.

“For anyone connecting to Team Unstoppable, I like to see what they’re about before we do any type of work together. I wanted to see what she sounded like live, and when I was in Florida promoting my album last year, I and the team saw her talent on the road,” said Charly Black The Gleaner.

He added: “She’s a talented young girl working on her craft and I’ve only known her for a year but she’s a monster when she works. I also have to say that she is humble.”

Your collaboration titled Flea market, was coined to describe women with large buttocks. The theme is emphasized in the lyrics of the hardcore dancehall track, but Charly Black claims it’s done in a tasteful and modern style and reckons it will go down well in dancehall, as songs like this were missing from the room.

“It’s been a long time since a song was voiced like flea market; I haven’t made a song like this since I signed to Universal Records. That is [an] authentic dancehall sound and flavor and it will work great. I’ve already seen its potential as I’m currently in Canada promoting it and people are loving it. It’s a throwback to the original style. And everyone knows that I’m also not a man who spreads stupidity,” said Charly Black confidently.

Ria Rania also has high expectations of the single. The Westmoreland-born, Florida-raised creative said she wants her audience to not only listen but also appreciate “how a real dancehall track should sound like and make it their everyday vibe.”

“I’ve always loved original dancehall, and I love the simplicity yet catchiness of the hook that’s my part. It’s sexy and seductive. I have to give credit to Charly as he’s the one who came up with the whole flea market idea and of course his verses are fire as he always brings,” she said.

Produced by TJ Records, the song, which Ria Rania first met while filming the music video, was officially released on September 30th. It has been viewed nearly 150,000 times on YouTube.


Ria Rania, going by the name of Racquel Service, is known for having won multiple beauty titles including Miss Fort Lauderdale USA and Miss Jamaica Diaspora. In 2018, days after being let down by her pageant efforts, she entered a recording studio to relieve some tension. The music immediately transported her back to a time of love and passion.

She released her debut single Korea.

Ria Rania’s catalog of songs has a few others with that authentic and hardcore dancehall sound, including hardcore and flirtbut she’s also known for her rap skills on tracks like Oh no if you choose and gamespublished three months ago.

“I only have a few singles to release after that [so] The new fans I’ve gained will see what I can do myself. After Charly Black and I met, it was history; it was work, work, work. It was great. The music industry can definitely look forward to an EP from me next year,” she said.

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