Chavda Law Group supports the growth of the Indian business community in Georgia

Chavda Law Group has agreed to become the exclusive annual sponsor of all Global Atlanta’s India Coverage that helps support our continued coverage of this vital land for the city’s trade and investment interests.

Global Atlanta categorizes its coverage by highlighted country, region and topic channels and provides targeted monthly email newsletters to help our readers more easily drill down into the stories that matter most to them.

Chavda Law’s unwavering support will help our journalists publish informative and entertaining stories about India across the state and provide the kind of in-depth insight only possible through our continued editorial commitment to India, spanning a comprehensive 30 year -Archive and three recent reporting trips covers years.

Jaymen Chavda

We met the founder of Chavda Law, Jaymen Chavdato learn more about the company, its origins and why it has an intense focus on India and many other countries.

Global Atlanta: Tell us a little more about the Chavda Law and its role in Atlanta’s global landscape.

Chavda Law (CLG) supports companies and start-ups with external consulting services. Services include contract drafting and negotiation, labor law, M&A services, risk management, internal governance and litigation. The company works with numerous companies based in India, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Latin America that either have a presence in Atlanta or are seeking a presence in the United States

Why is it important to you to encourage more discussion about India in Atlanta?

As India aims to become at least a $5 trillion economy, India-Georgia ties will only strengthen. CLG has a deep understanding of both cultures and how business is conducted in each jurisdiction. There are countless companies with cross-border relationships, and navigating the legal terrain in the United States can be daunting. Enabling CLG to provide solutions to foreign companies doing business in Georgia enables the companies to do what they do best.

What are your next growth plans in India or beyond? What distinguishes Chavda Law?

CLG’s niche is general legal advice to international corporations establishing a presence in the United States, either in Georgia or elsewhere. We have an extensive network that allows our clients to have a single source for legal and business needs, including partners specialized in tax.

Why did you decide to sponsor a channel through Global Atlanta?

Global Atlanta is the only publication that truly speaks to CLG’s vision and mission – connecting Atlanta to the world. Global Atlanta has also formed deep, meaningful connections with its 10,000 readers, and I look forward to being a part of that.

Contact Jaymen Chavda at, by phone at (404) 777-6307, or here on LinkedIn.

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