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PHOENIX, Nov. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Business Warrior Corp. (OTCQB: BZWR), a global leader in lending and marketing software that drives business growth, announced today that it has launched a completely unique offering in the advertising industry – 300% Return on Investment (ROI) guaranteed for qualified service firms.

300% ROI Guarantee Positions Business Warrior as Power Player in $14.76tr Services Sector

The offering comes from Helix House, the marketing arm of Business Warrior, which has long distinguished itself as a performance marketing agency that specializes in driving high ROI for its clients. This new guarantee is the result of years of historically proven return on investment for Helix House customers. The company believes this offering directly helps companies combat economic headwinds.

“We are excited to bring this offering to the national stage. Our ability to consistently generate ROI is a rarity in the advertising market. This guarantee is our first of many campaigns to attract high-growth companies who need confidence in their marketing spend to deliver results,” said Nathan Rea, VP of Strategy & Growth at Helix House.

The national campaign emphasizes customer acquisition for service-oriented companies, a proven industry for Helix. The ROI Guarantee makes it easy for new customers: Get $3 in revenue for every $1 invested in advertising. Helix works free for 60 days if a client doesn’t get the ROI. The company is confident that the offer and campaign will accelerate its growing customer base.

For a service-oriented business, this guarantee means they can confidently invest in advertising with little to no risk, providing them with a stable and reliable roadmap to grow their business. For Helix, this puts the company on a new growth trajectory to serve a massive industry that serves as the bedrock of the American economy.

Mr. Rea continued, “I am confident that this guarantee will set us apart from other agencies in terms of new client acquisition and will help us build long-term, stable and profitable client relationships. The goal of this program is to generate new business.”

A data-driven strategy to achieve a 300% ROI

Helix House’s strategy of consistently delivering a 300% ROI for its service-focused clients requires a multidisciplinary approach powered by data. The agency has specific criteria for evaluating a prospect to ensure the 300% ROI target is achievable. If the criteria are met, the success rate is almost 100%.

“We’ve been generating results for a long time, so we have a very clear data-driven approach to driving success in the service industry. We know how to look at the market, analyze demand and evaluate key metrics like cost-per-acquisition, conversion rates, customer lifetime value and a host of other key factors,” explained Rea.

More information about Helix House can be found here HERE.

About Business Warrior

Business Warrior Corp. is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that provides turnkey lending solutions for fast-growing businesses. We are a full-service provider with an end-to-end technology platform for lending and customer acquisition marketing services. Founded in 2014, Business Warrior is a SaaS marketing company with a virtual workforce and collaborators worldwide. The company has worked with over 25,000 global companies, from small to large enterprises. Business Warrior acquired Helix House and Alchemy Technologies in 2022. For more information, visit

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