Cognizant Technology Solutions IT hiring activity decreases by 6.2% in October 2022

According to GlobalData’s Job Analytics database, US-based company Cognizant Technology Solutions saw its IT recruitments decrease by 6.2% in October 2022 compared to the previous month.

The company’s total hiring activity decreased by 7.01% in October 2022 compared to September 2022.

IT jobs accounted for 33.37% of the company’s total hiring activity in October 2022, growing 0.07% from the average share over the past three months.

Software and web developers, programmers and testers are the top IT employees at Cognizant Technology Solutions in October 2022

From the total IT job titles published by Cognizant Technology Solutions, software and web developer, programmer and tester emerged as the leading occupations, with a share of 67.14% in October 2022, down 3.01% from September 2022, while Databases and network administrators and architects claimed a 17.31% share in October 2022, registering a decrease of 5.95%. Other computer jobs held a 6.9% share in October 2022, an increase of 3.28% from September 2022.

North America encourages hiring of IT staff at Cognizant Technology Solutions

North America emerged as the leading region in the global Technology IT recruitment activity with a share of 70.76% in October 2022, down 10.03% month-on-month.

Asia Pacific followed at 21.69%, posting a monthly growth of 33.78%. Europe was the third largest region with a share of 5.81%, down 29.33% from September 2022.

Fourth was South and Central America with a share of 1.53%, down 36.36% from the previous month. The Middle East & Africa bottomed the table with a 0.22% share, down 71.43% from the previous month.

The US had a leading presence in tech industry IT hiring activity in the region, with a share of 61.01% in October 2022, down 9.43% from September 2022. Next on the agenda was India with a 15.55% share, up 61.36% from the previous month. Canada recorded an 8.76% share, down 16.67% from September 2022.

Intermediate level positions leading to Cognizant Technology Solutions IT recruitment activities in October 2022

Mid-level jobs accounted for 49.51%, down 11.55% from September 2022. Junior level positions with a share of 41.62%, down 10.17% from the previous month.

Senior job ads came in third with a share of 7.34%, an increase of 2133.33% from September 2022, while entry-level posts accounted for 1.53%, down 57.58% from the previous month .


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