College football playoff rankings: Georgia is the new No. 1

There’s a new team at the top of the College Football Playoff rankings, and it’s a very familiar face: the defending champions, the Georgia Bulldogs.

The Dawgs were announced as the new No. 1 team when the CFP committee presented its latest rankings on Tuesday. Rounding out the top four were No. 2 Ohio State, No. 3 Michigan and No. 4 TCU.

Tennessee, which was No. 1 last week before being demolished by Georgia on Saturday, only fell to No. 5, giving the Vols a decent chance of getting back into the playoff position if someone slips above them.

RJ Young responded to Georgia’s new position — as well as the rest of the rankings — with a live episode of his podcast, The Number One College Football Show.

Reactions to the CFP Rankings: What to look out for in the future

Reactions to the CFP Rankings: What to look out for in the future

RJ Young shares his thoughts on the top six teams in the CFP rankings and looks ahead to the future matchups that will move those rankings.

The Bulldogs’ rise from 3rd place came as no surprise after their dominant win over the Vols.

Clemson, who was 4th in the selection committee’s first ranking last week, also lost, clearing the way for changes in the top 4.

Ohio State stayed at two. The Buckeyes’ Big Ten rivals Michigan rose from five to three. TCU jumped three spots to No. 4, taking the nation’s four undefeated teams to the top of the rankings.

Tennessee was followed by Oregon of the Pac-12 and LSU, who moved up three places to seventh after the Tigers defeated Alabama.

Clemson dropped to 10th place and Alabama dropped from sixth to ninth after their second loss of the season.

This is the first time since the College Football Playoff rankings began in 2014 that neither Clemson nor Alabama have finished in the top six.

There has never been a college football playoff without the Tigers and the Crimson Tide, who have combined to win five of the eight CFP championships.

Ohio State and Michigan are on a collision course

Ohio State and Michigan are on a collision course

RJ Young looks at the CFP rankings and compares No. 2 Ohio State to No. 3 Michigan.


Are Alabama and Clemson done?

No, both still have a way into the playoffs, but a lot needs to break right — especially for Alabama.

The first thing working against the tide is that the college football playoffs have never had a two-loss team. But the SEC champion was never banned from the CFP.

If Alabama could win the SEC while beating Georgia, good luck keeping the tide out. But the path to the SEC championship game for the tide is blocked by LSU, which would have to lose its two remaining conference games in Arkansas and Texas A&M to clear the way for Alabama.

Assuming Alabama wins. The Tide plays Ole Miss and then Austin Peay before the Iron Bowl against Auburn on Saturday.

Before you write Alabama off, consider this: LSU is just a 3-point favorite in Arkansas this weekend and could be a single-digit favorite against a struggling but talented Texas A&M team.

As for Clemson, this is far from over. A 12-1 Power Five Conference champion always has a chance and the Tigers could still end up there.

The Tigers’ bigger problem could be winning a resumption contest against losing champions from the Big 12, where TCU is still undefeated, or Pac-12, which currently has four teams in the committee’s top 13 — Oregon, #8 USC, #12 UCLA, and #13 Utah.

Also, would an 11-1 team that don’t win their division, like Tennessee or loser Ohio State-Michigan, with an ACC title beat Clemson 12-1, beg the question.

In addition, the Tigers face an improving Louisville team, rivals South Carolina and likely No. 15 North Carolina, and star quarterback Drake Maye in the ACC championship game.

After Clemson abandoned a string of six straight CFP appearances last year, the Tigers are now staring at back-to-back seasons being missed.

Here are the rankings:

1. Georgia (9-0)
2. Ohio State (9-0)
3.Michigan (9-0)
4th TCU (9-0)
5. Tennessee (8-1)
6.Oregon (8-1)
7th LSU (7-2)
8.USC (8-1)
9. Alabama (7-2)
10. Clemson (8-1)
11. Ole Miss (8-1)
12.UCLA (8-1)
13 Utah (7-2)
14 Pennsylvania (7-2)
15 North Carolina (8-1)
16. NC state (7-2)
17. Tulane (8-1)
18 Texas (6-3)
19th State of Kansas (6-3)
20. Notre Dame (6-3)
21 Illinois (7-2)
22.UCF (7-2)
23rd Florida State (6-3)
24. Kentucky (6-3)
25 Washington (7-2)

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