Consolidated: Passwords and people are the biggest risks to corporate cybersecurity

During Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Consolidated reminds organizations that 81 percent of data breaches are caused by weak or stolen passwords

Vermont Business Magazine Your employees may pose the greatest risk to network security, said Aaron Reason, senior director of network security at Consolidated Communications (NASDAQ: CNSL), a leader in broadband and business communications. October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Consolidated aims not only to offer business customers best-in-class broadband and security services, but also to educate businesses and individuals about safe online practices at

“Between phishing, vishing, and bad password practices, bad actors are shooting at your company,” Reason recently shared on LinkedIn. “Of course you need strong partners in network security and you need to make sure your firewalls are ready for the next attack, but you also need to actively educate and train your employees.”

Passwords are still the number one cause of cyberattacks, and with good reason. Faulty memories lead the mmajority of persons Reusing passwords across platforms, and three out of four people say they’re not sure how to even create a strong password. This creates an ideal scenario for hackers, and once inside, new forms of attack make them harder to detect than ever.

In the business world, proactive network management and a strong firewall are just as crucial as Zero Trust network security policies. While artificial intelligence can be a useful tool in defending an organization, Reason states, “There is no substitute for knowing your network security environment and working with a trusted partner.” In terms of employee training, Reason recommends ongoing training to ensure that each employee:

  • Knows how to recognize and report phishing – still one of the top threat actions by cybercriminals today;
  • Understands the benefits of using a password manager;
  • Enables multi-factor authentication on personal devices and corporate networks wherever available; and
  • Installs updates regularly and enables automatic updates.

For organizations looking for additional help with training their employees, the National Cybersecurity Alliance offers a number of resources at

Businesses of all sizes can visit to learn more about making their business, employees and customers safer online. Individuals looking for tips to stay safe online can visit

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About Cybersecurity Awareness Month
Cybersecurity Awareness Month is designed to engage and educate partners from the public and private sectors with the goal of raising cybersecurity awareness to increase the nation’s resilience in the event of a cyber incident. This collective effort is necessary to sustain a cyberspace that is more secure and resilient, and remains a source of tremendous opportunity and growth potential for years to come. For more information, visit

About the National Cybersecurity Alliance

The National Cybersecurity Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a safer, connected world. We are committed to the safe use of all technology and educate everyone on how best to protect ourselves, our families, and our organizations from cybercrime. We create strong partnerships between governments and businesses to amplify our message and promote a greater ‘digital’ good. The National Cybersecurity Alliance’s core efforts include Cybersecurity Awareness Month (October); Data Protection Week (January 24-28); and CyberSecure My Business™, which offers webinars, web resources, and workshops to help businesses be resilient and resilient to cyberattacks. Visit for more information.

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