Construction equipment stolen from Milwaukee Avenue store – Chicago Tribune

The following items were extracted from Glenview Police Department reports, press releases and recordings. An arrest does not constitute a guilty verdict.


Arturo Moyo-Castrejon, 18, of the 2200 block of Central Road in Glenview, was charged with domestic battery on November 7. He was arrested after investigating an incident at the 2200 block of Central Road. He was taken to Cook County Court in Skokie for a hearing.

Jose Gonzalez, 24, of the 8800 block of Washington Street, Niles, Dhrushal Gada, 24, of the 9200 block of Maple Lane, Des Plaines, and Arxontis Melissanis, 24, of the 7800 block of Nordica Avenue, Niles, were charged with battery November 6th. All three were arrested after investigating a disturbance at the 0-100 block of Waukegan Road. They have been released on bail and are scheduled to appear in Cook County Court in Skokie on December 14.


Bernard Mack, 29, of the 14900 block of Cleveland Avenue, Poznan, was arrested on a warrant for failing to show up in Will County on November 9. He was arrested after investigating a traffic accident at the 2800 block of Patriot Blvd. taken into custody. He has been released on bail and is scheduled to appear in Will County Court.


Emely Alfaro, 18, of the 10020 block of Holly Lane, Des Plaines, was charged with driving without a valid license and driving with an expired license on November 8. She was arrested after a traffic stop at the 2800 block of Milwaukee Avenue. She was released on bail and is scheduled to appear in Cook County Court in Skokie on November 28.


A resident of the 1000 block of Castilian Court reported on November 7 that sometime in the past two weeks, one or more unidentified persons forced their way into their home through the front door and stole jewelry.


A person associated with a business in the 1600 block of Milwaukee Avenue reported that an unidentified person entered the premises on November 1 and stole construction equipment.

A Glenview resident reported that an unknown person stole his wallet while the resident was shopping at a store on the 3700 block of Willow Road on November 5. The unidentified person attempted to make purchases using the resident’s credit card.

A Northbrook resident reported that a lock was cut from a safety deposit box they were using at a store in the 3800 block of Willow Road and cash was taken from the Northbrook resident’s wallet on November 6.

A Niles resident reported that his unattended purse was stolen from a store on the 9700 block of Milwaukee Avenue on November 6.


A Glenview resident reported that on November 4 he mailed a check that was cashed by an unknown person.

A Glenview resident reported on Nov. 7 that a check made out to a business and mailed to the business was cashed under a different name and for a different amount.


An employee of a business in Block 2400 of Glenview Road reported on November 2 that he was scammed by a phone caller. The victim sent the caller cash and money through a cryptocurrency account.


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