Cornell is offering a new certification program for veterinary businesses

In a university release, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine announced the launch of its new veterinary business and management certification program, to be offered this Fall 2022 semester.1 The program focuses on providing veterinary medicine students with the opportunity to further their education in business administration and management disciplines.

“The new Certificate in Veterinary Business and Management is an important step in fulfilling Cornell’s strategic priority to create the Cornell Center for Veterinary Business and Entrepreneurship (CVBE) to strengthen the business and managerial capabilities of veterinarians,” said Lorin D .Warnick, DVM, PhD , the Austin O. Hooey Dean of Veterinary Medicine, in the publication. “I look forward to seeing the impact this new certificate program will have on the careers of our graduates and the positive impact they will in turn have on the larger veterinary profession.”1

Jorge Colón, DVM, MBA, Associate Professor of Practice at CVBE, developed the program to provide graduates with the skills they need to succeed in any veterinary field. He said: “Mastering financial and business skills is necessary for all veterinarians, even if you are not a business owner. This certificate will help our graduates thrive in any workplace and empower them to take the profession to new frontiers.”1

The certificate program consists of 8 electives in 6 focus areas, including:1

  • Financial Education
  • Professional development
  • financial management
  • organizational management
  • Personal development
  • entrepreneurship

After completing these course requirements, eligible students complete a final experience in which they apply their business and management skills to a real-world veterinary project.

“The Capstone Project will provide students with a vibrant laboratory experience, with opportunities to work on business projects at our teaching hospitals and with our corporate partners, strengthen creative problem-solving skills, and gain valuable hands-on experience working in multidisciplinary and diverse teams,” said Colon.1

According to the press release, completed capstones consist of a written report and presentation, and an updated ePortfolio, a digital document that allows students to showcase their interests and skills to potential future employers.

“There is tremendous pressure in veterinary medicine to reduce the debt to income ratio and the focus is primarily on reducing the debt side of this equation,” David Lee, DVM, MBA, Associate Dean of External Programs and Director of CVBE , said in the press release. “This program supports both sides. Not only does it provide our students with tax knowledge, but it also increases their value in the market and helps them earn more in whatever position they choose.”1

Current third-year student, Elena Bettale, DVM ’24, expressed her excitement at continuing this new offering at the college. She said: “I am thrilled to finally have the opportunity to hone my business skills in a way that is relevant and appropriate to the veterinary profession. The official proof of a certificate will not only make it easier for me to start my career when looking for my first job, but the skills I have acquired will benefit me in the long term when I hope to have my own clinic one day.”1


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