Coway’s Icon Water Purifier 2 offers an enhanced consumer experience

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Coway’s Icon Water Purifier 2 offers an enhanced consumer experience

Coway's Icon Water Purifier 2 Models / Courtesy of Coway
Coway’s Icon Water Purifier 2 Models / Courtesy of Coway

By Kim Jae Heun

Coway’s updated Icon Water Purifier 2 attracts customers’ attention with its various cutting-edge new technologies.

The company said that the Icon Water Purifier 2 was first launched in October 2020 and contains all the innovations necessary for the kitchen.

The biggest feature of the latest model is that it has dramatically increased hygiene technology. The machine has a UV disinfection system that sterilizes the faucet for 15 minutes every six hours and requires a faucet change once a year.

In addition, the faucet is designed as a cartridge, so it can be easily removed and cleaned. Coway used the material Tritan for the production of the faucet in order to increase the hygienic quality of the water. Tritan is an environmentally friendly material that does not contain environmental hormones and has no risk of internal corrosion, making it safe to use even on newborns. The Icon Water Purifier has also passed material safety tests conducted by the US Food and Drug Administration on its major parts – from the faucet to the water flow channel.

The Icon Water Purifier 2 also features an upgraded electric cooling system that received good reviews from consumers on its predecessor. The electric cooling system uses environmentally friendly technology with a semiconductor thermoelectric device that absorbs ambient heat without mechanical movement, without the need for a compressor or refrigerant.

The company has thus significantly improved its product technology while maintaining the small size of the machine. The product is also available in six colors to cater to customers’ aesthetic preferences.

“The Icon Water Purifier 2 is the result of the most advanced scientific technology that incorporates all the innovations required for water purification products, including an ultra-small size, high hygiene and smart ease of use,” said a Coway official.


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