Cowboys News: A turnaround in the NFL makes Dan Quinn a wanted man

A renewed emphasis on defense makes Dan Quinn a very attractive head coach candidate – Adam Wells, Bleacher Report

As they say, the NFL is a copycat league. Whatever successful trend is en vogue in the NFL, others are sure to follow. A true throwback classic, defense is the hottest thing happening and the Dallas defense coordinator is likely to be in high demand.

Appreciation for what Quinn brings to an organization extends beyond his players. Yes, the Cowboys currently have a top-10 defense and lead the league with 33 sacks. The unit has also improved, giving up 37.5 fewer yards per game this season.

But those inside and outside the franchise know just how good a coach Quinn is.

“He’s very qualified,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said of his defense coordinator. “…If I hadn’t had a coach, I would have interviewed him as a coach.”

It’s hard to imagine that Quinn won’t be back as head coach by this time next year.

For Micah Parsons – Todd Brock, Cowboys Wire, business is booming on and off the field

Speaking of high demand, linebacker Micah Parsons is a popular dude these days. He stacks sacks and flies off the shelves. Parsons’ outstanding play has made his clothing a coveted commodity.

Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons topped all jersey sales in the league in October, according to official NFLPA sales figures. He becomes the first defensive player to top the sales rankings this season.

Cowboys receiver CeeDee Lamb is #7 on the list; Cornerback Trevon Diggs is ninth.

For the period March 1st to August 31st, Parsons ranked 15th on the list. Since then, he’s turned heads with his on-pitch performance, selling more than a few shirts to propel himself to the top.

Last year’s Defensive Rookie of the Year picked up right where he left off. He is currently fourth in the NFL in sacks of eight, just a half sack behind three players leading. Parsons ranks fourth on the team in total tackles, has forced two fumbles in the season and scored his first pro touchdown in Week 8 with a fumble recovery he put into the end zone in the Cowboys’ 49-29 win over Chicago brought back.

The Cowboys rookies have been put to the test and Blogging the Boys hands in their mid-term report – Mike Poland, Blogging the Boys

After an offseason that saw the Cowboys jettison many veteran players, a youth movement in Dallas was imminent. The Cowboys’ 2022 draft class was an integral part of their 6-2 start to the season.



This was an exciting choice when it first came in. Cowboys Nation cried out for a shiny new offensive lineman all offseason, and they got one. Smith wasn’t who everyone expected, but he certainly was one of the best run-blocking linemen in the draft class. Fast forward to training camp, the end of camp to be precise, and Tyron Smith is out for much of the season. Cowboys Nation panicked again, but wait. Tyler Smith was placed at left tackle and the results were pretty good.

So far, Smith has allowed 16 pressures, fewer than other rookies like Kenyon Green, Zion Johnson, Ed Ingram, Luke Goedeke and the same number as Evan Neal. In addition to what Smith accomplished, he managed to do all of this while learning on the job. He had zero snaps in left tackle at camp, little practice with the starting offense and was pushed into the role with plenty of pressure at the last minute to get results. Tyler Smith has done well so far and his foundation for his career is strong and impressive.

Grade: A-


Sam Williams

The sack monster off Ole Fraulein was put through its paces in the design process, primarily by cowboy veteran Dan Quinn. It was clear the Cowboys wanted a new pass rusher on Demarcus Lawrence, and it was also clear they wanted that guy to be Williams. Another amazing strike from the coaches and scouting team as Williams had his coming out party against them Detroit Lions, showing brute strength and aggression. In that one game, he completed three tackles, two sacks, a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery with 14 snaps. More like a stat line you see from a accomplished veteran.

Grade: A-

After a disappointing end to 2021, the Cowboys sharpen their lead – Christian Cline, Inside the Star

This iteration of Cowboys showcases a winner’s mindset.

The cowboys seemed to answer every question thrown their way and didn’t blink. This team is full of grit, and how Mike McCarthy spoken before the start of the season – this team is resilient. We saw that after that ugly loss to the 49ers, the Cowboys wanted to point the finger at the officials and blame them for their loss. It was ugly in every way.

But this year is something different. We’ve talked all season about how prepared this team looks, how different they are and how they’ve dealt with adversity. This quote from Demarcus Lawrence goes deeper than just acknowledging how Justin Fields uncovered some of his plays. This quote directly represents the mindset in the cowboy locker room.

The cowboys know what people think of them. They hear the outside chatter and the media criticizing their every move. But the cowboys don’t succumb to the noise – they lower their heads and win soccer games. Too many times in the past have we seen this team collapse under pressure and adversity.

This year, the Cowboys have a chance to set the record straight. The Cowboys have a chance to change the narrative about their soccer team. We’ll see if the Cowboys can continue this somber mentality in the second half of the season, and ultimately we’ll see how they really respond to adversity when January arrives and the playoffs begin.

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