DFNN optimistic about future-proofing country through advanced technology – Manila Bulletin

With an estimated US$134 million domestic data center market and multiple nations around the world committed to space technology, DFNN sees the tech-savvy Philippines as a potential key player in the industry.

The tech company is optimistic that investing in greater tech skills will not only give Filipinos greater access to technology, but also help the local tech sector become more competitive with what other markets have to offer.

“As a population, we are positive about innovations that push us further towards the digital space. This company started with a belief in using technology to transform the way industries and individuals work for the better. We have always been guided by this principle ever since,” said Calvin Lim, Chief Executive Officer of DFNN. “Today, we’ve come a long way in maximizing technology – but there’s still work to be done in terms of both access and infrastructure,” he admits.

Earlier this year, DFNN made a commitment to continue investing in data centers with its partners in Silicon Valley. These aim to enhance their current platforms and software solutions by leveraging more powerful and cutting-edge innovations already deployed by many companies in the California technology region. The new data infrastructures will improve DFNN’s overall information storage and management, security and access, and enable them to offer better services to their many local customers.

In addition, the company is now also placing a greater focus on space technology and space sustainability, particularly in relation to artificial intelligence and capacity expansion. DFNN sees a great opportunity to invest in the ever-growing $366 billion industry and be one of the first Southeast Asian nations to join the space race for tourism and exploration beyond Earth.

Investing early in these growing technologies is a way to be forward-thinking, especially when one understands how influential technology can be in bringing about major industrial changes and driving innovation in businesses and entrepreneurs. As a local pioneer of these new infrastructures and innovations, DFNN hopes to move the needle in future-proofing the entire local tech landscape.

“As an industry, I still don’t see that we’ve reached our full potential. Looking at Filipino consumers, while access has improved greatly in the last decade alone, many technological innovations are still contained within specific areas or regions,” says Lim. “Meanwhile, from a professional perspective, we know that the local IT sector is extremely strong and continues to grow, so the next step should be to bring the industry to a globally competitive level,” he adds.

How will data center and space technology support improve the Philippines? For DFNN, the answer is simple – it gives them the opportunity to provide improved services to their clients and clients, while taking responsibility for more companies and industries to do the same. As we move toward another global digital revolution, DFNN wants the Philippines to be prepared to build their own capabilities, but more importantly, to play with the big names in the international arena.




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