Did the Pentagon help China develop hypersonic missiles by selling secret technology?

According to media reports, crucial technology will be sold to Beijing, where the PRC will use the shared information for its own security advances. It’s a surprising development as the Pentagon continues to share technology with Beijing. The Pentagon may have poured millions of dollars into unscrupulous defense contractors in hopes that new technologies could be developed to change the nature of conflict, but that has not been the case, with the fruits being savored by the dangerous CCP.

A Washington Post investigation found several examples of US firms supplying Chinese companies with their equipment and software. The Washington Post revealed evidence of US sales. Origin technology involved in China’s hypersonic missile program. And surprisingly, many of these US companies were often financed by the Pentagon.

Collaborations have taken place between students and scientists, sharing ideas and information that could be stolen for the benefit of Beijing, which has begun developing second-strike capabilities to repel any foreign attack. Hypersonic is an emerging technological tool that could propel missiles at higher speeds, known to evade defense systems.

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Lain Boyd, director of the Center for National Security Initiatives at the University of Colorado, says that “It’s very troubling because it simply means that the technology used for military hypersonics was actually funded by the Pentagon.”

Pentagon funds Chinese defense?

In an investigative report written in the Washington Post, 50 US defense companies appear to be responsible for the transfer of crucial hypersonic missile technology despite US arms exports to China being banned. The Washington Post revealed that there may have been around 300 sales transactions between American and Chinese companies in which the intermediaries could be involved in bootlegging missile technologies.

Two companies were involved, namely Zona Technology and Metacomp technologies, which sold it to the Chinese Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics (CAAA), the main source during the Beijing-conducted 2021 hypersonic missile test. The CAAA has been involved in many missile tests over the past seven years.

David Habib, Metacomp’s legal counsel, told the Washington Post that the company had “no knowledge of whether or how these companies acquired or distributed Metacomp software.” He said the company was “ruthless in complying with US export control laws and requires its customers to comply as well.” Another Arizona-based company, 4D Technology Corp, makes an instrument used to collect data in hypersonic tests called an interferometer.

The company received more than $2.5 million in Pentagon SBIR grants from 2010 to 2017, and in January, through its in-country dealer, sold interferometer technology that went to the China Air to Air Missile Research Institute. Chinese companies employing such tactics and strategies have benefited enormously, which has reduced the time, resources, and energy devoted to missile testing, which usually requires a great deal of effort.

Chinese companies like Alibaba and Baidu have been instrumental in developing surveillance and satellite technologies that could control the movement of goods, services and vital data.

The arms race assumes another tenure, with some defense companies getting into business first and then later being swept away by foreign companies through economic initiatives. In this arms race, export laws should be followed very strictly in case of using algorithms and artificial intelligence to store important information or carry out any passive attacks.


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