Do you still need your COVID vaccination card?

Where is your COVID-19 vaccination card? Is it in your wallet or purse? Is it at home buried in a stack of mail? is it lost

If you are unsure, you are not alone.

“It’s tucked away at home, I think,” said Northeastern student Kenny Nguyen, who was hanging out with friends near Centennial Common on the Northeastern’s Boston campus this week. “It’s in my dorm.”

“I have it in my wallet,” said fellow student Emily Xu.

“I have no idea. My parents have it,” Skye Toral said. “I never used it.”

Headshots of Jared Auclair (left) and Brandon Dionne (right)
Left to right: Jared Auclair, Associate Teaching Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and Associate Dean of Professional Programs and Graduate Affairs at the College of Science at Northeastern and Brandon Dionne, Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at Northeastern. Photos by Matthew Modoono and Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University

Do we still need to keep COVID-19 vaccination cards? Though many COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, including in Boston, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still recommends keeping your card and taking a picture of it. Since the card is no longer needed in many places, some people ask themselves: Why bother?

“I have mine with me, but I haven’t used it in ages,” said Northeastern college student Deanna Turner.

Jared Auclair, Vice Provost at Northeastern’s College of Science, recommends keeping the map handy.

“Yes, people should still hold on to their vaccination cards,” he said. “Most places don’t currently require proof of vaccination, but there are some meetings, rooms and locations that do.”

Auclair said he will bring his card for his upcoming trip to Europe, although his country of entry does not require it. International travel is a situation where you may need your card. According to Kayak, 128 countries allow entry without proof of vaccination, a negative test or quarantine period, and 55 countries allow travelers without a vaccination certificate as long as they can show proof of a negative test.

For example, if you are traveling to Bolivia, you may be required to present a vaccination card. if you don’t have one with you, proof of a negative test is sufficient. All non-citizens and non-immigrants are now required to provide proof of vaccinations to enter the United States.


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