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The Department of Defense appointed Dr. David Baker of the Army Research Laboratory as the neighborhood laboratory scientist and Lt. Col. Andrew Lee of the US Military Academy as the neighborhood’s Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics Advocate.

Baker and Lee were selected by Barbara McQuiston, Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Science and Technology DCTO(S&T). Details of the award recipients for the third quarter of fiscal year 2022:

Neighborhood DoD Lab Scientists: dr David Baker, US Army, Army Research Laboratory

dr Baker is recognized for his pioneering research that improved renewable energy technologies constrained by size and weight and critical to the U.S. Army and Department. He led efforts that brought about a remarkable paradigm shift in fuel cell conversion efficiency by illuminating metal nanoparticles to catalytically oxidize alcohols, enabling the full conversion of alcohols for fuel cells and thus extending the operational lifetime of future powered devices. In addition, he developed new water-splitting catalysts from earth-abundant materials that exhibit higher activities than expensive and rare advanced metals. dr Baker’s leadership and expertise in research and development, coupled with inspiration for the next generation of scientists, have greatly advanced the department’s mission.

DoD Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Advocate of the Quarter: LTC Andrew Lee, US Army, United States Military Academy

Lee is recognized for his exemplary support of the DoD’s mission to engage young Americans in STEM through his strong advocacy of STEM education and community outreach programs coupled with DoD’s critical technology priorities. By planning and conducting STEM education and programming activities, including West Point’s summer STEM camps, he has helped the department provide unique, hands-on STEM learning opportunities for students throughout the Hudson Valley and surrounding communities. Lee’s mentoring and advocacy has been an integral part of nurturing the next generation of scientists and engineers.

“OUSD(R&E) once again received very high quality nominees during this nomination cycle and I am particularly impressed by this quarter’s exceptional honorees, Dr. Baker and LTC Lee,” said Ms. Barbara McQuiston, DCTO(S&T). “We are pleased to recognize these distinguished individuals for their outstanding contributions to the Department and the nation, enhancing the Department’s science and technology innovation enterprise and helping to build the next generation of scientists, engineers and other STEM leaders.”

Each of the winners will have the opportunity to present their work at an upcoming DoD Innovators Spotlight Series virtual webinar. These publicly accessible webinars provide attendees with a web-based platform to meet these recognized honorees while learning about their cutting-edge work and best practices. To learn more about the DoD Innovators Spotlight Series and to register, visit:

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