Does India Smell Like Curry

Does India Smell Like Curry. Remove the curry odor from your hands by rubbing lemon juice, vinegar or coffee grounds on them. Sure you'll sometimes pick up a whiff of curry when walking past restaurants and whatnot, but you'll have some of the best food you've ever eaten in your life there.


Indian curries use so much spice for a number of reasons. Indians love to cook curry and other spicy foods. What does curry smell like?

Initially, It’s Sweet And Slightly Nutty, But It Will Smell Smoky And Spicy As You Breathe In.

He smells like that when he comes back (the smell goes away after a couple of days). Some cultures don’t appreciate the smell and would initially think that indians stink because they eat stinky foods. Majority of the indian recipes are curry based that are made using a combination of spices and herbs.

But On One Day At My Bartending Job In Brussels, I Was Told I.

If you live in a house which was occupied by thai people it smells of fish oil. If you buy or rent a house from an indian. I've had weed that smelled like coffee, deodorant, laundry detergent, catnip, and the list goes on.

Think Of A Cuisine Where Garlic Gets Used In Every Dish.

The word “curry” actually refers to how these spices are. This smell is good in an eating place , restaurant. Also, its aroma has a variety of tones.

I Noticed This A While Back, And I'm Sure I'm Not Imagining It.

If occupied by westerners it smells of pork and beef Unlike those that live well and are able to eat good food everyday, you will definitely smell and see the difference between different lifestyles. If you get a house from a chinese it smells of vinegar, soya and capsicum.

The Smell Of Cardamom Is Complex, And Richly Aromatic Which Intensifies During Cooking.

Curry has a deep earthy flavor due to spices like turmeric which also gives it its color. In hot climates like india, bacteria will spoil food faster, yet spices have antibacterial properties and can kill 75% of the bacteria in food. If you get a house from italians it smells of cheese and tomato sauce.

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