Downtown News, November 7, 2022

Robert Horan, teen DC sniper prosecutor, dead at 90

Robert F. Horan, Jr., who served as Fairfax County’s chief prosecutor for 40 years, died last month at his home in Clifton, Virginia. He was 90. He was the man who secured a murder conviction for then-teen DC sniper Lee Boyd Malvo. Horan retired in 2007 but continued to join the district attorney’s office years later because of his passion for law and public service. Malvo is currently 37 years old and serving multiple life sentences in a supermax prison in Virginia.

DC History Center announces project at Randall School

The DC History Center begins efforts to preserve, collect and share the history of the Randall School in Southwest DC. The school (located at 65 I St. SW) first opened in 1906 as Cardozo Elementary School and later became Randall Junior High School in 1924. During racial segregation, the school served SW DC’s African American population. Famed singer Marvin Gaye was an alumnus. The building is one of the last buildings in the community’s history of suburban regeneration. The DC History Center team hopes to honor and enhance the stories of people who attended and/or worked and lived near the school. Today the school building was converted into the new Rubell Museum DC. The History Center will hold its last of two meetings on Wednesday, November 16 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Southwest Library at 900 Wesley Place SW.

Image of the Randall Junior High School building in Southwest, Washington, DC in 2022, now the Rubell Museum DC. Wikipedia.

DC DMV introduces virtual knowledge test option for new drivers

Gone are the days of going to the DMV to take your driving test. Late last month, the DC Department of Motor Vehicles announced that DC residents who want to get their driver’s license can take the knowledge test virtually. An appointment is still required for the test and can be arranged at

RIP Rusty the Red Panda
Rusty the Red Panda from the National Zoo has died at the Pueblo Zoo in Colorado. He first made headlines nearly 10 years ago when he escaped from the Smithsonian National Zoo. The Pueblo Zoo remembered the 10-year-old panda, who was born at Lincoln Children’s Zoo in Nebraska in 2012, because he was “curious and independent and was often found sprawled on a log or munching bamboo under the spray.”

Rusty the Red Panda is featured in his exhibit at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, DC in 2013 Courtesy Smithsonian.

Woman seriously injured in Washington apartment fire

Firefighters responded to a blaze at the 1600 block of Park Rd. NW at an occupied apartment. The fire occurred on the fourth floor of a five-story building. A woman was seriously injured and taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. The fire brigade reported that local residents were in distress at the windows of the apartment. Some people were removed with ladders and others from the apartment itself.

DC police identify suspect after woman shot dead while driving in NW
Ariel Cooper, 39, was arrested last month for shooting and killing a woman while the duo were in the same car in NW DC. The shooting took place at 12:20 p.m. at the intersection of New Jersey Ave. and N Street NW near Dunbar High School. The victim, Sophia Johnson, 38, was the driver of the vehicle and died at the scene.

Metro facing short-term hikes, longer-term fares, complete overhauls
Metro’s board of directors heard a wide range of tariff and service concepts to fill their budget gaps. They are currently struggling with a post-pandemic slump in driver numbers, with many of the former drivers being workers who are able to work more from home. Some exploration has included increases from 5 percent (meaning fares could range from $2 to $6) to increases of 25 percent (which would result in fares increasing from $2.50 to $7.50). Bus fares would go from $2 to $2.10 or $2.50. It would be the metro’s first fare hike since 2017.

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