dr Alan Finkel, Australia’s former Chief Scientist, has been appointed Chair of Hysata’s Global Advisory Council – pv magazine Australia

Australian electrolyser company Hysata today announced Dr. Welcomes Alan Finkel AC as Chair of the company’s new Global Advisory Council, where he will advise Hysata on bringing its technology to market.

dr Finkel is Australia’s former Chief Scientist, a role in which he spearheaded the development of the National Hydrogen Strategy and independently reviewed the future of the National Electricity Market.

dr Finkel also served as the Australian Government’s special adviser on low-emission technologies, where he was instrumental in building seven key international partnerships to accelerate the development and deployment of low-emission technologies. He was also Chair of the Technology Investment Advisory Council, which advised the government on investment priorities for low-emission technologies.

dr Finkel will select a team of international experts from science, technology and politics to fill the remaining Council posts. The council will be tasked with providing input on Hysata’s strategy for global supply of its electrolyser to multiple customer segments including steelmaking, heavy-duty transportation and the chemical industry.

“Green hydrogen fills the gaps where electricity is neglected,” said Dr. finkel. “It could be used in transportation to powertrains, trucks and long-haul aircraft, or it could be used as a chemical to replace metallurgical carbon in steelmaking and fertilizer production.”

“The challenge is to minimize waste when using precious renewable electricity to produce green hydrogen. The reason I am so excited about Hysata is that they have the highest efficiency electrolyser design and a team of experts to bring it to commercial reality,” concluded Dr. finkel.

This is another important announcement for Hysata, which recently secured the backing of renowned global investors in its oversubscribed A$42.5 million Series A funding round.

“Our mission is to be the world leader in green hydrogen production through our high system efficiency (41.5 kWh/kg) electrolyser technology. We are very proud to work with Dr. Finkel to have such a respected Chair of our Global Advisory Council. His expertise in renewable energy and hydrogen is unparalleled, his international reputation and relationships are well known, and we welcome his support and guidance as we accelerate commercialization,” said Paul Barrett, Hysata CEO.

“We have made tremendous strides with our technology, built our team and worked with hundreds of major customers worldwide. The next phase of work involves scaling and piloting our technology as we prepare the business for commercial scale. We look forward to working with Dr. Finkel to provide our breakthrough electrolyser technology,” concludes Barrett.

dr Finkel has had a distinguished career as a neuroscientist, inventor, researcher, educator, philanthropist, and policy advisor.


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