Dreame Technology updates the concept of floor cleaning once again

BEIJING, October 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dreame Technology, a fast-growing company and leader in smart home appliances, announces two new breakthrough products Europe fully adaptable to different application scenarios. M12 wet and dry vacuum cleaner and H12 Pro wet and dry vacuum cleaner.


Wet-dry vacuum cleaner

A smart two-in-one floor cleaner, the M12 offers powerful wet and dry cleaning for hard floors and hand cleaning for the rest of the home. The wet and dry vacuum features an improved cleaning-to-the-edge design that helps clean along baseboards and tackle those hard-to-reach corners. Endurance has become an important evaluation standard for electrical products and for this reason the M12 is equipped with six 4,000 mAh rechargeable batteries to enable over half an hour of wet and dry cleaning or up to 60 minutes of hand vacuuming on a single charge. A large 920ml clean water tank provides enough water for deep cleaning of hard floors. The M12 also intelligently adjusts its suction power in real time according to the detected contamination to ensure effective cleaning while minimizing noise and saving energy and electricity.

Pull out the handheld vacuum from the main suction unit for convenient portable cleaning, equipped with a powerful brushless motor. M12 extends cleaning to sofas, desks, window sills and more for remarkably flexible cleaning. With a maximum suction power of 12 kPa, M12 delivers a robust cleaning for any kind of clutter around the house.

M12 will be available on MSD’s online and offline platforms Germany out 28th of Octoberand in Amazon stores in the rest of Europe on 11/25. The price for all platforms is €529.

H12 Pro wet and dry vacuum cleaner

The H12 Pro features a rimless cleaning design to solve the problem of hard-to-clean corners and clean near baseboards to thoroughly mop up spills and remove stains. This design extends the brush to each end of the wet and dry vacuum to clean much closer to the edges and remove dirt more thoroughly.

H12 Pro has a powerful self-cleaning function. The H12 Pro cleans itself as it cleans floors thanks to a serrated brush scraper that detangles hair and scrubs away dirt to ensure you’re cleaning with a clean brush. Place the vacuum on the base and simply press the button to thoroughly rinse the roller, which spins forward and backward, until clean. The brush is then thoroughly dried with hot air after self-cleaning in just an hour and a half to prevent mold, mildew and unpleasant odor.

H12 Pro uses a dual tank design. A 900ml clean water tank and a 700ml used water tank provide enough water to thoroughly clean hard floors throughout the home. The large water tank can reduce the number of times the user refills water during cleaning, making it ideal for large areas.

H12 Pro will be available from Amazon for €529 from early November.

About Dreame Technology

Founded in 2017, Dreame Technology is an innovative consumer products company focused on smart home cleaning appliances with a vision to empower life through technology. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and more Twitter. For more information, visit: https://global.dreametech.com/.

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