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Today, more than ever, real estate professionals are looking for new business opportunities to secure themselves and new ways to prove to their clients that they are the number one choice in their market. Besides providing traditional real estate services, specializing in a niche business is just one way for agents to tap into another important source of business.

Fact: In the United States alone, around 30 million people relocate each year for reasons unrelated to a job change, according to moveBuddha, citing information from the US Census Bureau. The census also tells us that the average American moves 11.7 times in their lifetime. This is a great opportunity for real estate agents to guide buyers and sellers through the real estate process. How do you earn this business? By focusing on three things: being market area experts, outperforming the competition and building relationships.

First and foremost, you must be an expert in your local market. For example, successfully listing and selling a relocation property requires very specific knowledge, processes and expertise, just as working with military and active duty veterans also requires expertise in the field. Clients want to know they are working with a professional agent who has empathy, understands their unique needs, and is able to connect with them.

How do real estate agents acquire this expertise? Expand your knowledge base by working with specialist groups, participating in educational opportunities available in the industry and attending courses offered locally or through the brand you are associated with. At eXp Realty we offer specialized training certifications delivered by world-class experts in multiple niche areas to ensure our agents master the knowledge and skills to qualify for the business.

Once you complete the training and certification, you will have the tools and expertise you need to provide excellent service to these customers. The right tools and knowledge, combined with innovative technology, sets the table for agents to provide the best service to their customers. And as we all know, the best recommendations can come from people you know, so proven success in a niche area can open doors to even more business. This is where relationships come into play. To be truly successful, you must be able to draw on a global base of connections.

That’s why it makes a big difference to be part of a company like eXp. At eXp we are a global brokerage company, so even in difficult markets we can easily connect our agents to a huge network of clients and potential opportunities around the world. We recently launched Revenos, our new buyer and seller recommendation engine, to route more quality buyer and seller recommendations directly to our agents. This provides them with streamlined and qualified referral opportunities at their fingertips!

When you can combine expertise and quality customer service with a variety of skilled opportunities, you have the foundation for long-term success that comes from solid business relationships. In today’s slowing market, making the most of every opportunity is a critical key to success.

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