ECD Lacrosse is at the forefront of lacrosse technology

With established companies releasing the same products year after year with minor changes, adding a sequential number to the name, I think it’s important to highlight a company that’s constantly innovating and not afraid to push the boundaries of what’s possible. ECD Lacrosse.

From new materials like Graphene used in the Rebel Headto FlexForm and Diamond plastics used in the DNA head, ECD Lacrosse is one of the industry leaders in the advancement of lacrosse products. They have perfected theirs Diamond plastic in the newly released Ion head and are bringing their material magic to the protection industry with their latest product, launching November 10thth.

While ECD Lacrosse has released secondary models like that Mirage 2 and numerous iterations of their well-known carbon shafts, we still applaud their consistent commitment to innovation. This happened last in the newly published ion head and will be released soon Echo arm pads.

That ion is the last climax of project beta This included trying to rebuild older heads with newer materials. But to my delight they didn’t stop there and now they have combined their tried and tested and perfect diamond Plastic with a redesigned head that I think is one of the best yet. From what has been shown of the head so far it can be determined that the head produces a very well defined pocket depth range as it has one of the smallest angles between the offset point of the top and bottom sidewalls compared to other heads on the market. This is easy to see on the sticks of pros who have used it like Jay Carlson and Josh Byrne.

That Echo arm pads are a brand new product from the guys over there ECD Lacrosse. Greg and his friends weren’t afraid to enter the protection industry with their own new technology. For as long as I’ve played lacrosse, the top-of-the-line elbow pads that offered the most protection were of a fairly standard design with a hard plastic shell on the elbow with similar material shields above and below the shell. The only real difference between most padding is how the user tightens it on their elbow.

ECD Lacrosse introduced a new style of fully protective padding with their new material that Greg says will harden on impact. This new padding allows them to create a more sleeve-like design that is much easier to keep snug on the arm. This eliminates the risk of pinch points between pads and eliminates the hard plastic cup, which can be prone to cracking and bending.

How might this affect the rest of the lacrosse market? We can see how afterwards STX releases their popular RZR Gloves, prototypes from companies like began to appear maverick and Nike The implementation of the tightly cut foam padding on the fingers is similar to that RZR Gloves. It is very likely that in the coming months we will see some prototypes from other companies trying to formulate their own hardening material for elbow pads or even a clear plastic head to compete with ECD Lacrosse.

With the new technology they’re putting into them, I can almost guarantee that Echo arm pads will be the next hotly debated piece of lacrosse gear since RZR Gloves were released. If a product is innovative and successful, other companies will try to replicate it. Sometimes it becomes the industry standard similar to that brine edge to become the first offset head. None of this can happen without a company taking a leap and thinking beyond the realm of sequential product releases ECD Lacrosse has been doing this for years.


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