Elvis introduced the Beatles to “amazing” new technology that had nothing to do with music

The Beatles idolized Elvis Presley and were thrilled to get the chance to meet him. The band was heavily influenced by his music and deserved the chance to meet the King of Rock at his Beverly Hills mansion. However, Paul McCartney says the most amazing thing Elvis showed him had nothing to do with music.

The Beatles were eager to meet Elvis, who was their rock hero

The Beatles performing at Dodger Stadium in 1966
The Beatles | Cal Montney/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The Beatles met Elvis Presley at his Beverly Hills home in 1965. The night saw zero press so much of what we know of that night is based on accounts from those who were there. The band idolized Elvis and considered him one of the main influences behind their music. In an interview with Wired, Paul McCartney opened up about his excitement before meeting one of his heroes.


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