Entertainment: Alpha Delta Pi: Best friends become sisters (10/29/22)

Alexia Deluce and Kelsey Steele are ADPI Recruitment Chairs along with Caroline Rahna. Deluca and Steele are best friends who became sisters upon recruitment in Fall 2022.

Photo by Kate Haussman

For some, a best friend is akin to a sister or brother, but for two girls, friendship truly became siblings. Alexa Deluca, freshman nursing student, and Kelsey Steele, freshman business administration student, are lucky enough to be both best friends and sisters thanks to this year’s Alpha Delta Pi (ADPI) fall recruitment.

Deluca and Steele knew each other in high school but didn’t become friends until her senior year at Jackson High School.

“My circle of friends and [Deluca’s] The group of friends merged into one large group of friends, which allowed us to grow closer together,” Steele said.

After graduating, Deluca and Steele decided to attend SEMO, unaware that each other had already decided to attend.

Both women have friends and relatives who were with ADPI, which made the choice easy for them when the hiring came about.

Recruitment is a series of events held by sororities and fraternities for incoming freshmen and students interested in getting involved in Greek life. It allows the organizations to get to know students to see if they are a good fit for the organization.

At the end of the week, each fraternity and sorority has a “bid bay,” a celebration where students find out which organization they’ve been accepted into. ADPI accepted both Deluca and Steele and they became sisters.

“We both hoped that we would end up getting the same thing [sorority]but we made sure to keep an open mind, and we really had no idea what was going to happen until bid day,” Deluca said.

Being a fraternity sister is a special bond because those relationships last throughout college and even throughout life. Deluca and Steele said they were so excited to spend their college years as best friends and sisters.

Caroline Rehna, Senior Health Communications Major, is ADPI’s Vice President of Marketing and Director of Fall 2022 Recruiting. Rehna knew Deluca and Steele before they joined the fraternity.

“I’m just really looking forward to watching [Deluca and Steele] grow, and once I graduate, I just come back to see the girls who are now freshmen growing throughout the year,” Rehna said.

ADPI and other Greek life organizations have been working in recent weeks to prepare SEMO’s homecoming parade. Deluca and Steele said they spent about four weeks working on parade floats.

The girls were also involved in ADPI’s Spirit Rally earlier this week, where they grew closer to their new sisters and look forward to forging stronger bonds with the rest of the sisters in their sorority during their time in college.


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