ESFM leverages a proprietary technology platform and simplifies siled facilities management programs with an innovative solution

Designed to integrate multiple functionalities into an adaptable, scalable technology platform, ESFMx delivers simplicity, transparency and efficiency

CHARLOTTE, NC, October 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To make life easier for customers, building end users and building managers, ESFM developed ESFMx perform a wide range of functions within a single, fully integrated solution.

ESFMx is secure and scalable and was developed in collaboration with the ESFM operations team, which oversees a self-implemented integrated facilities management model nationwide.

ESFM goes far beyond the possibilities of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).x offers unique customer experiences and gives customers access to reports, benchmarking and analysis in real time, at location and portfolio level.

“Why use one, five or even ten standalone applications when we can build one that does everything?” ESFM President David Hogland said. “ESFM prides itself on the fact that we do over 80% of the hard and soft services we provide to our clients ourselves. ESFMx addresses all services – efficiently consolidating siled technology while enhancing the workplace experience with data-driven, self-performed solutions. This agile platform solves many problems.”

Features supported by ESFMx These include data-driven cleaning, space and facility management, work order management, financial reporting, requirements management, integrated inspections and audits, and resident sentiment and engagement. ESFMx uses AutoCAD drawings for accurate room measurements, floor plans and area details. Room-specific information exchange, requests, services and reports are available. Building end users can also leave feedback on the quality of services or experiences in each individual space.

“ESFMx was developed by our operators so our operators can address real pain points”, Chris Lilly, ESFM senior vice president of technology, said. “Our solution allows us to manage site-specific customer requirements while maintaining ESFM standards across all of our IFM operations.”

By integrating technologies that normally operate in isolation, ESFMx goes beyond the basic functions of standalone applications and integrates additional functions such as inspections and internal audits.

“We built in features for resident engagement, inspections, work orders, quality assurance (QA) audits, data-driven services, and financial reporting,” Lilly said. “This simplifies our processes and streamlines our services to exceed customer expectations.”

For example, when conducting an inspection, an operator can simply pull up the work order history for that area to assess past performance, and then easily make adjustments to space requirements to proactively prevent the need for future service calls.

Work order requests and feedback can be submitted by scanning an area-specific QR code. Multiple systems including a BMS (building management system) solution, a user interaction interface, a service management portal, sensor data and building equipment alerts can initiate requests. ESFMx runs them all through one filter to eliminate duplicates and potential spam using a simple verification that is assigned/denied through a standard work order process based on customer and site specific filters.

ESFMx has almost limitless applications and adapts to the specific scope and customer requirements at each unique campus. Customers can easily access all of their information – and only their information – through their own service catalog and portal. And ESFM can leverage a bank with solid master data to perform accurate benchmarking, provide reports using floor plan visualizations, and optimize processes for specific space types.

About ESFM
ESFM is the Corporate Integrated Facility Management (IFM) division of Compass Group United States of America. Compass Group North America $2.7 billion The FM portfolio operates across three verticals (corporate, education and healthcare). 60,000 FM employees care for more than 1.7 billion square feet at more than 3,000 customer locations every day. ESFM’s customers include many well-known names in life sciences, technology, oil & gas and manufacturing. The company offers a portfolio of solutions ranging from CIMS-GB certified hospital cleaning and workplace services to HVAC and energy optimization. In 2020, ESFM (formerly Eurest Services) won the George Graves Facility Management Achievement Award from the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA). ESFM is a Keystone Member of the International WELL Building Institute and an IFMA Gold Corporate Sustaining Partner. To learn more, please visit and follow ESFM United States of America On Linkedin.

About Compass Group North America
Compass Group is redefining the landscape of interior design and hospitality services with innovation and passion through the lens of what’s next. Serving world-class healthcare systems, respected educational institutions, world-renowned cultural centers, popular sports and entertainment venues, and Fortune 500 organizations around the world, Compass Group always finds a way to deliver excellence in nearly every industry. Ranked #1 by industry peers on Fortune’s 2020 list of the world’s most admired companies, Compass has also earned a spot on Forbes’ 2020 list of the best places to work for diversity and is one of Fortune’s top 50 companies that change the world. Learn more about the Compass experience at



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