Facility Management (FM) Technology Market in Southeast Asia

DUBLIN, Nov. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Added Southeast Asia Facility Management (FM) Technology Innovation and Growth Opportunities report ResearchAndMarkets.com Offer.

This study analyzes the Southeast Asian FM market; It pays attention to Smart FM and FM Technologies and covers market growth drivers and restraints, forecast, trends and the competitive landscape. The study also provides a regional outlook, providing profiles of FM leaders and innovators in the region, with 2022 as the base year. The research service also identifies the top 3 growth opportunities.

The South East Asia (SEA) facility management (FM) market is growing, supported by high construction and renovation activity in the region due to rapid urbanization and smart building deployment.

The introduction of advanced technologies in building services is also experiencing rapid growth. In addition, government regulations for energy efficiency and energy efficiency are pushing companies to use smart and innovative technologies to achieve energy goals. The regulatory framework for SEA is evolving, and along with increasing awareness of the benefits of Smart FM among building technology stakeholders, the entire industry is moving towards the adoption of high technology.

However, the perceived high costs or investments associated with technology implementation by both customers and FM participants are hampering the adoption of innovative technologies in building services. In addition, the lack of qualified experts who can enable intelligent FM services is holding back FM progress in SEA. Growth is also being hampered by cybersecurity concerns, preventing the adoption of Smart FM.

Outsourcing rates across countries vary significantly based on market maturity and end-user profiles. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the market witnessed strong outsourcing growth due to the large penetrable asset base and continuous construction activities, especially in developing countries.

SEA prefers individual services. Basic soft and hard FM services such as cleaning, security and M&E services are the most requested by end users. However, due to price sensitivity, FM service providers are less willing to adopt technology-driven solutions. In addition, intense price competition is common as market participants strive to retain customers.

Market participants should also prepare to support large and established companies or end-users that tend to incorporate sustainable practices (e.g. energy efficiency) into their business operations. This trend will prompt FM service providers to further develop their services into technology-driven companies.

Main topics covered:

1. Strategic imperatives

  • Why is it getting harder and harder to grow?
  • The strategic imperative
  • The Impact of the Top 3 Strategic Imperatives on the Facility Management (FM) Industry
  • Growth opportunities fuel the growth pipeline engine

2. Growth Opportunity Analysis

  • Scope of Analysis
  • segmentation
  • Overview of Smart FM
  • growth accelerator
  • growth restrictions
  • sales forecast
  • Sales forecast by region
  • Sales forecast analysis
  • Sales forecast analysis by region
  • Smart FM framework
  • Smart FM business models and innovative services
  • Examples of digitally guided FM services

3. Regional Outlook

  • Sales Forecast and Analysis – Indonesia
  • Sales Forecasting and Analysis – Malaysia
  • Sales Forecast and Analysis – Philippines
  • Sales Forecast and Analysis – Singapore
  • Sales Forecasting and Analysis – Thailand
  • Sales Forecasting and Analysis – Vietnam
  • Competitiveness of countries in Smart FM

4. FM leaders and innovators

  • Best Practices for Promoting FM – Global and Southeast Asia
  • Best Practices for Promoting FM – Indonesia
  • Best Practices in Advanced FM – Malaysia
  • Best Practices in Advanced FM – Philippines
  • Best Practices in Advanced FM – Singapore
  • Best Practices in Advanced FM – Thailand
  • Best Practices in Advanced FM – Vietnam

5. Case Studies

  • Cleaning robots handle low labor and hazardous cleaning
  • Cloud services for FM
  • Performance contracting and result-based business models
  • Voice-over technology with IoT solution for passenger comfort
  • Intelligent safety in occupant movement

6. Universe of Growth Opportunities

  • Growth Opportunity 1: Data Analysis for FM Advancement
  • Growth opportunity 2: Technology-driven FM solutions
  • Growth opportunity 3: Optimizing the workplace and user experience

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