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What the Netflix Christmas movie — also known as Netflix Romantic Comedy for the rest of the year — needs is a Hollywood-focused episode of Kitchen Nightmares (“Studio Nightmares”), with someone like Gordon Ramsay visiting the writers’ room and production set. is shocked by the sheer assembly line nature of the non-stop content, yells at every executive for serving stale fare to “customers”, reprimands the bosses, and then miraculously flips their creative vision in a week. You bet In love with Christmas is the mind-breaking court that forced the Renovation Montage. This is a film so casually lacking in originality, creativity, warmth and heart that it makes you wonder how an industry was once famed for its cuteness Home alone-Style festival fare has declined so much in two decades. I can imagine critical reactions to this film ranging from “meh” to “not bad,” but the collective drop in viewer IQ in terms of how lenient we are to mediocre yet nostalgic Christmas stories is to say the least , awkward .

In love with Christmas Stars are perennial comeback queen Lindsay Lohan as spoiled hotel heiress Sierra Belmont, who gets amnesia from a skiing accident and finds herself in the care of a humble cabin owner (the synopsis says “worker’s cabin owner” to drive her transformation home) reforming his little daughter. It’s hard to let off steam in a cozy Utah lodge in December. I get that the whole point of a modern rom-com is to be silly and illogical and a parody of itself, but this one takes the vegan cake. Sierra goes missing when she falls off a cliff with her giddy influencer boyfriend Tad (like in a bit obnoxious) during his marriage proposal. She is found and taken to the hospital by Jake (Chord Overstreet), the small shack owner whose desperate business proposal was recently rejected by Sierra’s father. For some reason, the doctor explains that the best way to cure a whiny amnesiac patient with no ID and no phone is to… have her cabin in Stranger Jake’s cabin. Apparently it’s good for memory. Just like ants.

For a supposedly nice single father with poor business acumen, Jake isn’t the nobleman the film claims he is: never once does he try to find anyone who might know Sierra in the small ski town. It’s not rocket science; it’s just basic human nature. He lets her stay – under the name “Sarah” – without any sense of urgency or desire to discover her original identity. It might have been a nice twist if Sierra had pretended to have amnesia the whole time so she could break out of her reclusive life, but the film is too factory-made to deal with such treacherous challenges. The narrative also follows the adventures in the wilderness of Tad, who finds himself without a phone, living with a bearded poacher and doing all David Rose in the class-divided air that surrounds him. There’s absolutely no entertainment from his track, other than that the creators still find it funny when rich people get stuck in sticky situations in 2022’s near-kiss fatigue. Learning to be self-sufficient, she makes her own bed, cooks a mean crepe, and basically considers herself a “peasant” unaware that she is Paris Hilton The simple life.

Perhaps the scariest thing about the film is that it doesn’t realize how Sierra’s blossoming love story with Jake is fraught with daddy issues. Sierra’s father is a single parent raising her to be a brat, while Jake is a single father raising her to be an anti-brat. It’s like getting a second chance to be promoted in the right way. She falls in love with Santa in more ways than one. Thankfully, there’s no chemistry between the two; When the sparks fly, it’s like watching two siblings wonder how they can get along better. It doesn’t help that Lohan is oddly sluggish as Sierra; the close-ups don’t complement their rusty facial expressions. In the first parts she seems to fake rich people, and later she seems to fake coming-of-age epiphanies Crazy Friday. It’s an uneven performance that just doesn’t spark the kind of presence it projected in her The parent trap Years.

The others – including TV veteran Jack Wagner as the father of Sierra’s hotel magnate – are adequate at best. Director Janeen Damian lacks a distinctive voice; it just feels like she’s been hired to direct a glorified promotional video for Lohan and American Snow. Ironically, it is the viewer who – like the protagonist – struggles to recall a single image after being hit in the head by this lowbrow and lavish Christmas film. Now excuse me while I watch VHS reruns Jingle all the way for the next 45 days while you re-read this review in Gordon Ramsay’s disgruntled British voice.

Rahul Desai is a film critic and programmer who spends his free time traveling to all the locations from the films he writes about.

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