Fashion show to support local businesses

Hilltop business owner and fashion designer Nathalie Bejinya is preparing to host a fashion show on Saturday, October 29, which she invites everyone to attend. It takes place on Steilacoom Community Center, 2301 Worthington St. in Steilacoom, 5-8pm, and features culturally inspired food and drink, entertainment, a live auction and a chance to view a fine collection of her unique couture fashions with an African flair.

“We will be showing great outfits and holding an auction – beautiful couture coats and dresses,” Bejinya said.

Bejinya, who operates out of her hilltop shop Undeniable Bejinya, will donate 20 percent of proceeds from her show to Sisters of the Good Shepherd to help those displaced by the DRC’s volcanic tragedy in May 2021.

“As a refugee, I appreciate the plight of these people from my former home and feel blessed to be able to offer this gift.”said Bejinya.

Bejinya has to go through many struggles to keep her hilltop business going. She said she was constantly harassed by street people defecating and urinating outside, threatening and stealing from her. last February, Her window was broken and her shop robbed.

Thousands of dollars worth of orders for customers were stolen, as were $12,000 worth of specialty fabrics. The property damage was also significant. Then, in June, thieves broke into her storage room and took everything, including expensive sewing supplies. A fundraiser has been set up for her at

“I’ve been gifted with a community that has supported me and my fashion design business through adversity and growth,” she said, but she’s still trying to survive the blows to her business.

“I can’t go to my shop alone because of the homeless. It happens all the time and I don’t know what to do. It’s scary to see what’s happening in my door.”

To support Bejinya, register for her fashion show at Visit learn more about it Bejinya and her bespoke fashion services.


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