Fire and Fury audiobook available November 25th from Anderson Entertainment

NEW YORK, NY, November 4, 2022 — Thunderbirds: Fire and Fury, the fifth release in Anderson Entertainment’s Thunderbirds audio series and the second full audio release of the company’s TV Century 21 comic book adaptation, is available for pre-order November 4th a release on November 25. Inspired by the Thunderbirds comics found in classic annuals, Fire and Fury features two fantastical adventures brought to life as full-cast audio dramas available on Collector Edition CDs and digital downloads.

First up is Thunderbirds: The Space Mirror by Alan Fennell and adapted by Iain Meadows. In it, an unusual solar event boils the Antarctic Ocean and threatens the lives of sailors on a supply voyage, and Gordon and Virgil Tracy are called to action. Meanwhile, a sinister satellite orbits the earth and prepares to hit a very precise target. Once again, International Rescue is called, but things don’t go according to plan. With John Tracy missing in Thunderbird 5 and Alan Tracy under attack in Thunderbird 3, the International Rescue Team faces one of their deadliest opponents when they encounter the power of Soltan’s Space Mirror…

The adrenaline keeps pumping with the second story, Thunderbirds: Blazing Danger, written by Alan Fennell and adapted by Nicholas Briggs. In it, Lady Penelope and her trusty butler Parker make their final visit to Tracy Island and are excited to experience a rescue mission. Jeff Tracy reluctantly agrees to test fly Thunderbird 2. But violent events in Canada soon overtake them, and the British agents of International Rescue are thrown into a full-blown danger zone of danger and betrayal.

“It’s been a huge thrill for all of us to expand on the world of Thunderbirds that Dad started back in 1965,” said Jamie Anderson, son of Gerry Anderson and CEO of Anderson Entertainment. “Fans around the world are full of praise for the new releases, which is incredibly gratifying – and well-deserved by the team. The world of Thunderbirds keeps growing!”

Thunderbirds: Fire and Fury features an outstanding voice cast, including Jon Culshaw as Jeff Tracy and Parker; Wayne Forester as Virgil Tracy and Brains; Genevieve Gaunt as Lady Penelope; Joe Jameson as Alan Tracy and Gordon Tracy; and Justin T. Lee as Scott Tracy, John Tracy, The Hood and Kyrano. Samuel Clemens directed Thunderbirds: Fire and Fury, with Andrew Clements serving as producer and Jamie Anderson and Nicholas Briggs on board as executive producers.

Anderson Entertainment will release Thunderbirds: Fire and Fury on November 25, 2022. Priced at US$20.00 / CAN$29.00 / £16.99, pre-orders start on November 4th. It will also be available as a digital download from Big Finish.

ABOUT ANDERSON ENTERTAINMENT: Originally founded by legendary creator Gerry Anderson (1929-2012), today Anderson Entertainment continues to build on his incredible legacy of globally successful, nostalgic and family-friendly TV and film IP spanning more than 60 years. The company’s wide-ranging capabilities range from licensing to merchandising, from content creation to fan base nurturing, and from advising on Anderson and iconic IP related projects to Anderson’s own direct-to-consumer and licensing businesses .


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