FleX by UKG, the technology platform purpose-built for great experiences, debuts at UKG Aspire

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–UKG Aspire 2022–UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll and workforce management solutions for everyone, today announced the debut of FleX by UKG, a modern technology platform purpose-built to support great workplaces. FleX helps organizations evolve along with the needs of their workforce, connecting the business with new applications to meet people where they want to work – whether within UKG or other communication and engagement systems – to deliver exceptional and transformative employee experiences support financially.

FleX was developed with a service-oriented mesh architecture to allow UKG customers to continuously benefit from new innovations and has three main components:

  • FleX fabric: Human-centric and behavioral artificial intelligence (AI), powered by one of the largest HCM and workforce management datasets, creating exponentially more opportunities for people to benefit from real-time insights, recommendations, reminders and nudges, and better-informed decisions
  • FleX Flow: a highly customizable API framework that anchors UKG solutions in the workflow where people need and want them most
  • FleX developer: a robust collection of tools and services, including low-code and no-code designers, that enable IT teams and third parties to configure UKG solutions and quickly build applications to automate processes that life-work improve journeys

UKG is the enterprise HCM engine. FleX will help ensure that this workflow engine is always available to everyone and empower people to perform key HR, payroll and workforce management actions across the many business systems that actively work with us.” said Hugo Sarrazin, chief product and technology officer at UKG. “The future-proof FleX architecture also ensures that companies can continuously adapt to the changing needs of their employees in near real-time. These are just two of the many ways we are putting people, not processes, at the heart of digital transformations.”

UKG is already using FleX to drive its Life-Work Technology™ approach:

  • Career Designer, which empowers leaders to create holistic talent views in UKG Pro to connect life work aspirations with talent development, uses Flex Fabric to provide pre-scripted and customized suggestions for relevant learning opportunities to drive growth and development

  • Improvements in UKG payroll analysis also benefit from Flex Fabric by using intelligent predictors to proactively identify payroll issues and errors and provide actionable solutions

  • UKG used FleX Flow with Microsoft to develop a single, seamless interface for UKG dimensions and displacementsthe schedule management application in Teams

  • Uber for Business and UKG are redesigning meaningful incentives with FleX Flow by enabling managers to share Uber coupons via Dimensions
  • FleX Dev is changing the way UKG customers and partners build their own tools to improve life work travel

With more than half a billion dollars invested in our products annually, FleX demonstrates how UKG is always looking to the future to ensure we can help our customers anticipate the ever evolving needs of their people and their business” , said Chris Todd, managing director at UKG. “Being able to serve clients today while preparing them for tomorrow is the cornerstone of our Partners for Life approach.”

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