For Boston sports teams, when are we going to say enough is enough with questionable characters?

When is enough enough? The story gives me every reason to doubt it will ever happen and freely admit that I’m part of the problem. What’s more hypocritical than being the one to wag your finger while using that same finger to pick out the next game story, feature, or 800 words of in-depth roster analysis?

So, yes, we’re all stuck in this game together of looking past almost every transgression, enduring the constant parade of fools, scoundrels and creeps, and then breathlessly checking the TV programs and now the betting lines to dial our next fix. It’s really like we’re addicted. Or that we, you know, lack life.

Udoka has quit his coaching job with the Celtics because he took his desire to win on the pitch to lustful conquests behind what he believed to be closed doors in the front office. A real leader of young men.

Udoka remains suspended for the season while the Celtics appear to find a way to turn his lewdness into something palatable to the green team crowds. Are the fans that gullible? Spring . . .

Miller never came to Boston and will not come to Boston and should never have been on the Bruins’ watch list, let alone a three-year deal worth potentially $2.85 million.

The Bruins overlooked, or looked by, Miller’s accounts of hateful and habitual transgressions for a significant portion of his teenage years. Brutal reading of the ice, the fandom and the city in general. Exhibit A of property outside the city and equally outside the compound.

Don Sweeney and Cam Neely have a combined history of around 75 years in this market. They must have known they were boarding a bullet train to nowhere by taking on Miller. Still, they went there, a problem actually bigger than the player himself.

On Wednesday, a judge sentenced former Yale football coach Rudy Meredith to at least six months in prison for his role in the varsity blues scandal.Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

Meredith was once a women’s soccer coach at Yale until greed for money left his career dead like so much ivy in November clinging to those hallowed walls of New Haven.

He was here at the Moakley Courthouse on Wednesday, where a judge handed Meredith a five-month jail term for his role in the varsity blues scandal – the infamous, drawn-out scheme by well-heeled parents who could coach their children on varsity rosters from elite schools be included.

Meredith opted for moolah moolah instead of boola boola. He will enter the Slammer in January.

We interrupt this rap sheet tour de force to inform you that the Celtics’ next home game is Monday, with Oklahoma City in town at 7:30 p.m. The Bruins have a rare start on Sunday at 6 p.m. on Causeway Street against the Canucks. The Yale Women, 7-5-3, just wrapped up their regular season, their last game against Brown being canceled over the weekend due to COVID concerns.

But wait Eli fans, your Yale footballers take on Harvard in The Game next Saturday. It’s a lunchtime kickoff at Harvard Stadium. Good places still available. And betting lines of course. To be there.

The Patriots, who are never too shy to deal with problem children, have mercifully not been on offender hikes of late. In recent years, their dirty sagas have included Randy Moss, Aqib Talib and Antonio Brown. Oh, and the kinky kingpin of them all, murderous Aaron Hernandez.

As a sporting community, we have tolerated that to varying degrees at Foxborough. All of this made last weekend’s fan outrage over the Bruins/Miller incident, although appropriately, somewhat surprising.

A sizable portion of Boston’s fan and media base willingly held their noses up when it came to Moss and Talib, and some sounded willing to tolerate Brown, who, while here, was accused of sexually assaulting Britney Taylor, his former trainer to have attacked.

Antonio Brown made more than enough negative headlines during his two-week tenure in New England.Lynne Sladky/Associated Press

If we’re lucky, in September 2019, less than two weeks after signing his $10.5 million deal, Brown may be the end of the questionable characters inducted into the Patriot Way. Again, I doubt it. There’s always a next man at Foxborough. Most of us have looked the other way because the glitter of a suitcase full of Super Bowl trophies obscured the view.

The Red Sox have gone rogue with moderate success since clearing the lineup of Julio Lugo, an accused woman hitter, in 2009 at the age of 33.

In June 1997, infielder Wil Cordero was arrested for hitting his wife with a telephone. Traded post-season, he played for six other teams over eight seasons.

Knuckleballer Steven Wright was banned for 15 games in 2018 for violating MLB’s domestic violence policy, and the following March he was booted out for a half-season after testing positive for human growth hormone.

Hell, we hardly blink at someone who flunks a drug test anymore. Once considered a dishonorable, shameful scam, today it’s just the day-to-day cost of doing business.

The Nets abruptly abandoned their alleged intention of bringing in Udoka as their boss amid the ongoing smut surrounding Kyrie Irving’s anti-Semitic posts on social media. They canned Steve Nash from a 2-5 start and were eager to sign Udoka within hours.

In the end, the Nets chose assistant Jacque Vaughn. Maybe they didn’t like what their duty of care to Udoka produced. Or maybe they didn’t want to suffer the kind of setback we’ve seen here with Miller and the Bruins.

After all, we are the center of the universe and we know that everyone follows our example. If only our example would lead to better places.

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